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बाढी र पहिरो
- Aaron Singh - 32035, Grade V ... 07 June, 2024

हामीले हाम्रो देश वा समाजमा विभिन्न प्राकृतिक विपद् वा प्राकृतिक प्रकोप देख्न सक्छाैँ । 

प्राकृतिक विपद् जुनसुकै समयमा पनि हुनसक्छ । हिमाल, पहाड, तराई, गाउँ, सहर जुनसुकै ठाउँमा  प्राकृतिक प्रकोपकाे समस्या हुन्छ । यस्ताे समस्याबाट बच्न हामीले धेरै सतर्कता अपनाउनुपर्छ । यस्तो अवस्थामा हामीले सबै मानिसलाई सहयोग गर्नुपर्छ । विपद्ले धेरै कुरालाई अङ्गभङ्ग बनाउँछ । हाम्रो समुदायमा विभिन्न प्राकृतिक विपत् आएका  हुन्छन् । तीमध्ये एक हाे बाढी र पहिरो । बाढी र पहिरोले गर्दा धेरै क्षति हुन्छ। नदीको बाटोभन्दा बाहिर बगेर नदीको जल सतह बढ्नुलाई नै बाढी भनिन्छ । पहाडी क्षेत्रमा पहिरोको जोखिम हुन्छ । पहाडको खुकुलो भाग टुटेर बग्नुलाई नै पहिरो भनिन्छ । यसले गर्दा धेरै मानिसको ज्यान जान्छ । विभिन्न प्राकृतिक विपद्, आपत्  वा अप्ठ्यारो परेको बेला सुरक्षित रहनुलाई सुरक्षा भनिन्छ । हामी बाढीबाट सुरक्षित रहन विभिन्न पूर्व सूचना प्रणाली स्थापना गर्ने र तटबन्धको निर्माण स्थापना र स्तरउन्नति गर्ने गर्नुपर्छ ।  हामीले पहिरोबाट बच्न पहाडी क्षेत्रमा वृक्षरोपण गर्ने र धेरै भिरालो भएको ठाउँमा घर निर्माण नगर्ने जस्ता उपाय अपनाउनुपर्छ । यस्ता उपायलाई सुरक्षित उपाय भनिन्छ । हामी यस्ता उपाय प्रयोग गरेर सुरक्षित हुन सक्छौँ । 

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How did I choose my ECAs?
- Aiden Man Nhuchhe Pradhan - 3 ... 06 June, 2024

It all started when I first came to middle school. All of us were so excited to explore new corners, stairs, grounds, and places. I found it more fascinating to interact with my new teachers in a brand-new middle school. This is how I, along with my friends, adapted to the new ecosystem at Sifal School. Having said that, I remember when I got emotional separating with my teachers and juniors in the Elementary Block. Again, here I was now comparing and noticing the changes. I found out that we can choose the food for ourselves from the provided options. I loved it.

Likewise, in the subjects, we can choose any two ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) from each segment. Now, here comes the deal. When my friends and I were informed about this, we were encouraged by our teacher, Yukta Ma’am, to select whichever we liked. All of us were astonished by this news. I immediately thought of art and chess and selected those as my two ECAs. I confirmed it with Yukta Ma’am, and she typed on her phone. I assume that is the way of confirming. To my surprise, on the other hand, my parents were to decide on some other ECAs.

We had a conversation on the dinner table and then after too. Of course, I was not convinced, and that was the reason for stretching the conversation for so long. I am happy that I was stubborn enough so my mom and dad let me continue with art, and they communicated with my teacher. You may wonder why I debated with my own parents for a club? Well, I might not have made a smart choice, but here is my answer as to why. I wanted to become so many things when I grew up, but nowadays, I kind of like being a YouTuber. Not just a YouTuber, but a creative one who has good content and topics to discuss. I might have to make some anime, and art can boost me in that, as art requires a huge amount of creativity and thinking process. Moreover, I will be better at art, sketching, and flip books, and the more I do these, the more I can master these skills.

Additionally, I chose chess for my second club. Not a happy mom and dad, I can see, but I have to, as I desire to choose this. I feel very happy and excited when I am playing chess. I think I am good at chess as well. We all need to be happy with what we choose. If we are forced to choose something we do not desire, we will not be happy. Further, we will always lose as we will not be good at the thing forced to choose. I don’t want to play when I keep losing. We also will be bored or even depressed, so always do the things you admire, love, and you are good at. Yes, friends, we all have the right to do so.

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Global warming
- Aradhya Gopal Aryal - 33044, ... 03 June, 2024

 Global warming is a term to describe the rising temperature of the Earth. There are many causes of Global warming. The largest cause of global warming is Greenhouse gas. Gases such as Water vapour, Carbon dioxide, Methane and other nitrous oxides are called Greenhouse gas. Those gases rise up in the air and trap the heat in the atmosphere. Deforestation is also a big cause of global warming. It is the process of cutting down the trees for settlement areas and to make different things like furniture, paper, stationery, etc.

Even the population growth that happened in the last 100 years had cut down large numbers of trees to make land for agriculture and residence. Forest helps to absorb greenhouse gas in the process of photosynthesis. Due to Greenhouse gas and deforestation, ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctica are melting. The melted water from ice caps goes into the sea and ocean. This process raises sea level.

The most impacted countries by global warming are Maldives, Netherlands, Iran, Indonesia etc.

These cities are sinking due to rising sea level. And due to the sudden climate change, Iran will

need further cooling techniques in the future because it is said that by the 23rd century Iran’s temperature will be very high and that will not be suitable for any humans to live. Also, the weather pattern in the world has changed so much that in some places there is flooding while others have no rain.

Many people don’t believe in global warming even though humans are the cause and are the one responsible for it. One of those people is Donald Trump. He thinks global warming is happening naturally AND HUMANS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GLOBAL WARMING.

There are lots of ways to reduce Global warming. Instead of using cars for a short distance

people can walk. It will also make them fit. The dirty gasoline fuel can be replaced by hydrogen

and electric energy. The big factories which are the biggest contributors to the greenhouse can

use renewable energy like hydro power, solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy etc. Also,

more trees are required to be planted.


When we become a leader or a professional person in the future, we should always keep

our planet Earth in mind from an environmental perspective. Earth is our home. We can only

survive happily if we have better air to breathe and a clean environment to live in.

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