DSS Courses

In addition to basic courses required as per Nepal Government’s regulation, at Deerwalk Sifal School, we require our students to take the following extra courses:

Byabaharik Sanskrit Shikshaya

DSS students learn Sanskrit Language for four years at the Elementary School (Grade 1 to 4) level, and they will learn 'Byabaharik Sanskrit Shikshaya' in the Middle School (Grade 5 to 8) for the next four years. Under this, the Sanskrit Department designs and teaches multiple Eastern Philosophical topics on Chanakya Niti, Bidur Niti, Geeta, Ayurved Shikshaya in the Sanskrit language.


Coding helps the students to develop problem solving and thinking skills. Our students start learning coding from grade 1 and continue till grade 12 which is mandatory at DSS. The students of Elementary School (Grade 1-4) will learn coding as fun and will start working with logic in the Middle School (Grade 5 - 8). Finally, the students at High School (Grade 9 - 12) learn coding in C Programming, Python, PHP, MySQL, and Java Programming. The coding courses at DSS are dynamic.


In order to improve the oratory skills of the students, the school has introduced a unique public speaking contest: ‘DSS Talk' to the students from grade 1 to 12. It is a student-run contest, where the students conduct the program, judge the participants, and reveal the results. There are four series of the session: Topic, Presentation, Debate and Extempore. The winner of the whole series is declared as ‘DSS Talk Champion.’

ECA on Performing Arts

The ECA - Performing Arts (Art, Dance, Music, and Theater) is mandatory for the students of Elementary School (Grade 1 - 4). After learning the four forms of the Performing Arts, the students at the Middle School Level (5-8) will choose to learn any one of these four forms for the next four years. Finally, the students at the High School will choose to go into any one of the ECA courses from Performing Arts or Sports or Science and Technology.

ECA on Science & Technology

The students from Elementary School (Grade 1 - 4) and Middle School (Grade 5 - 8) learn Coding as a part of ECA on Science Technology. While at the High School (Grade 9 - 12), our students learn advanced coding or robotics as a part of ECA on Science & Technology.

ECA on Sports

Under the ECA on Sports (Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricksal, Futsal, Gymnastic, ITF Taekwondo, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Yog) are taught to the students through Exclusive Clubs. By teaching ECA to the students from grade 1 to 12, DSS aims to develop team spirit, integrity, coordination, and understanding in students.


We firmly believe that handwriting is an essential skill for the students. Practicing handwriting is an incredibly important exercise as it helps to develop fine motor skills in the students. So, to make sure students gain a level of confidence in their handwriting, we conduct handwriting competitions. Handwriting is mandatory at the Elementary School (Grade 1 - 4).

Reading (Nepali & English)

We want our students to have strong reading skill as reading stimulates students’ imagination and expands their horizon. Every month our students read two books; (mostly novels), one in English and the other in Nepali (24 books in a year). Students also have to take a short quiz based on the books they read. By the time our students graduate, they will read 288 books from grade 1 to 12.

Sanskrit Language

The corpus of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific and philosophical texts. Sanskrit continues to be widely used as a lingua franca of many Indo-European languages. By including Sanskrit in the curriculum, we want our students to respect and learn the legacy of our ancient language.


Shakuntal is a Nepali epic written by Laxmi Prasad Devkota, which introduces and teaches the students about our ancient society. We teach both of these books under the section ‘Literature.’

Writing (Nepali & English)

We encourage our students to write as writing helps them to express their ideas and opinions effectively; it is an important communication skill as well. Strong writing skill is an asset; it helps students excel in any career path. Our students write journals, essays, creative works like poetry and fiction on a regular basis. Their write-ups are published online, and sometimes in the national newspapers too. Our students publish 16 articles daily in the Students Corner section. Despite this, their writings are also published in the quarterly magazine 'The Deerwalker'.