DSS Clubs

Through DSS clubs, we create an environment where students from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds come together to unite for a common pursuit.

Inclusive Clubs

In line with the inclusive values of Sifal School, Inclusive Clubs embrace students of all grades to freely choose and join the clubs based on their preferences.

  • News and Media Club
  • Foreign Language Club
  • Hiking Club
  • History Club
  • Movie Club
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Speech and Debate Club
  • Sports Club
  • STEM Club
  • The Deerwaler

Exclusive Clubs

Exclusive Clubs at Sifal School are designed for specific grade students engaged in particular extracurriculars. Upon selection, these students receive dedicated guidance and support from teachers while participating in these exclusive clubs.

ECA in Performing Arts:

  • Dance
  • Music and Vocal
  • Theater
  • Visual Arts

ECA in Sports:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Futsal
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo ITF
  • Yog & Meditation