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- Riddhis Sharma - 26006, Grade ... 04 December, 2023


साना साना कदम बढाउँदै 

पाइलाहरू सार्दा सार्दै, 

कुन परिस्थितिमा आइपुगेछु

मैले चालै पाइनँ । 


जीवनको यो रमणीय यात्रामा

कहिले हराएछु 

मैले थाहै पाईन ।


नयाँ मानिस र असल साथी खोज्दै 

प्रकृतिको सुन्दरतालाई नियाल्दै 

यस संसारका रहस्यका बारेमा सोच्दै

यो ब्रमहाण्डको विचित्रतामा हराएछु म ।


जती हरायो त्यति रमाउने यो प्रकृतिमा

मैले आफ्नोपन भेटेँ।

मानिसले बिगारेको वनलाई

आफ्नो साथी ठानेँ ।


विनाशकारी विपरित बुद्धि भन्थे

मानिस त्यस्तै हुँदा रहेछन्  ।

जति सिकाए पनि 

त्यही प्रकृतिको नाश गर्दछन् ।


कति स्वार्थी है यो मानव जाति

आफ्नो सुखी जीवनका लागि

प्रकृति र पृथ्वीलाई  उजाड बनाएको छ

उसकै विनाश गर्दै छ । 


सत्य युगमा देव र अशुर लोकको युद्ध भयो,

त्रेता युगमा राम र रावणको युद्ध भयो ।

द्वापर युगमा माहाभारतको युद्ध भयो

तर यो युगमा मानिसले आफैँसँग युद्ध लड्नु छ । 

मानिसले आफैसँग लडिरहेछ,

आफैसँग कराइरहेछ 

स्वार्थमा आफैँ अल्झिरहेछ

 ईश्वरमा श्रद्धा नै छैन, 

र आफूलाई मद्दत गर्नेलाई 

जरा काट्न थाल्याे ।


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The Ascension of Bjorn: Unleashing the Future's Fury - Part 1
- Prashraya Shrestha - 26014, G ... 01 December, 2023

Thousands of years into the future, humans have advanced into multi-planetary inhabitants across the universe. All the inhabited planets are ruled by a spiritual force called MrBeast. MrBeast emits a force bending time, which keeps time static throughout the whole universe. The planets are controlled by dynasties created hundreds of years ago. There are four major dynasties: The Thrash dynasty, The Epirus dynasty, The Seeker dynasty, and Fury dynasty. These dynasties have specific tasks assigned for the functioning of the universe. They are all bound by rules called the “Shumsher,” which prohibit the use of world-destroying machines and weapons.


The Thrash dynasty is the most powerful among all the dynasties. They are culturally vast, rich, and strong. They inhabit 58 planets, more than any other dynasties, but the main reason for their power is the brutes. Brutes are strong, rigid, and colossal creatures that can be summoned by their user at any time and any place. They travel through rifts, which fracture space and time for intergalactic travel. Humans cannot go through rifts as their bodies are too fragile to endure the great pressure of the rifts, but they can be ridden, which is the primary way for Thrashians to travel.


The Epirus dynasty is rich in technology. They have the least number of inhabited planets, but their advancement in technology puts them at par with the Thrash dynasties. They have big spaceships capable of intergalactic travels, but they are limited by their minds to travel great distances without any casualties. So, they rely on the Seekers for the piloting of these ships.


The Seekers are humans capable of seeing the future. They are able to predict the near future. How far you can see into the future depends on your age. The older you get, the further you can see into the future; you can see past your own death, but some prodigies can see hundreds of years into the future at a very young age. Their minds are very strong to endure the load of all the information channeling through their minds. The Seekers and the Epirus have a good political relationship between them as they rely on each other.


The Fury dynasty are mysterious humans who have prolonged their lifespan with the help of herbs. They have strong minds and intelligent creatures and are the most evolved out of all the humans, but they strictly prohibit themselves from using any technology. They are able to use telepathy and create rifts. Due to their large lifespans, they have strict rules against reproduction, and a baby can be born every 500 years. They have the least number of planets under them, having only four planets under their rule.


The story starts with the heir to the Thrash dynasty, Bjorn. He is a handsome young man with brown eyes, dark brown hair, a slim body, and a chiseled jawline. Today is the day he is crowned the king. He is woken up by his mother for the rituals, but he lacks enthusiasm as he believes he is not right for the throne, but it is too late. His father, Emperor Math, patiently waits for his son, but he is stunned to see the emperor's messenger bursting into the room. The messenger reads aloud, “Gather your troops, as a new planet has been found at coordinates X: 1444 and Y: 2381.” After relaying this information, he vanishes into thin air. Math shouts, “Where is my son? I need him now.” Hearing his father's call, Bjorn instinctively rushes to the throne room. Math leads him to a hidden room. Bjorn enters an enclosed room, a room he had never seen before. There he sees three men dressed in white cloaks with a symbol on their heads. Bjorn is trained not to be scared, but this time he lets go. He is beyond frightened; his hands are shaking, and his body is stone-cold.


"Wake up," Math commands, his voice trembling with urgency. "I need you." As Math strips off his own shirt, the room seems to grow colder and darker, and tension hangs in the air. The men in white draw an ominous circle on the floor around Math. It is as if time has slowed. Bjorn, bewildered and terrified, is handed a sinister-looking dagger. His hands shake, and he cannot take his eyes off the terrifying dagger. Math's voice rises, and he says, "Stab my eyes, and drink the blood." Bjorn's horror deepens, and he feels a chill down his spine. He shakes his head no. The weight of this sinister ritual bears down on him; his instincts urge him to flee. The men in white, their voices now a haunting chorus, speak as one, "What heir have you created, Math? You said he was the one." Their synchronized voices seem to merge into a single dissonant tone, amplifying the tension in the room, and the gravity of the situation presses upon Bjorn, leaving him paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. Math yells again, “JUST DO IT,” while his eyes turn from brown to blue. The blue ocean is hypnotizing. The deep bright blue suddenly changes to red as Bjorn has done the unthinkable; his hand, shaking, the dagger is dripping in blood. He throws the dagger away and lets out a scream. The men in the same synchronized voice say, “Finish the ritual, emperor,” and levitate him, forcing the dagger coated in blood into his mouth. The blood drips down his throat, and his eyes change colors to the same blue his father had. He blinks, and he is flushed by the memories of the past emperors.


Screaming in pain and agony, holding his head, he starts banging his head to the ground thinking it would stop his misery. Suddenly he stops; he lifts his head with a stone-cold look in his eyes, he lets out a sigh. His posture looks different; it is like he is a different person; his eyes have determination, his posture is strong, and his expression symbolizes power. He gets on his face and looks at his father's dead body with no remorse and sorrow.


As the tension in the room mounts, a distant explosion startles everyone. Bjorn rushes to the balcony and sees the Epirus, a powerful enemy, attacking the planet with their massive warships. This breaks a peace treaty between different ruling families. Bjorn, strangely calm, mutters a word, "Aki," as if he knows this is coming. The sky darkens with storm clouds, and lightning hits one of the enemy ships. Behind the castle, a huge rift opens, and a monstrous creature emerges, summoned to protect the kingdom. In the distance, the cries of scared children can be heard, and it is clear that war is upon them. The stage is set for a big, decisive battle.


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- Aadhaya Bhandari - 27031, Gra ... 01 December, 2023

नेपाल सुन्दर र रमाइलो देश

स्वतन्त्र भइ बाँचेकाे आफ्नै भेष

सबै जाति एक अर्कासँग मिलेका 

सुनाैला हिमाल गुराँससँगै खिलेका

यही हाे मेरो देश नेपाल । 


पुर्खाहरूले विगतमा देशलाई जोगाए

हाम्रा वीर पुर्खाहरूले याे देश सजाए

नेपाल आफैँ लिन भनी आएका अङ्ग्रेज

सिमाना राेकी खुकुरी बाेकी त्यहीबाट भगाए ।


आफूले रगत र पसिना बगाई 

लखेटे शत्रुलाई भगाई भगाई 

बनाए यो सुन्दर, विशाल नेपाल  

यही हाे मेरो देश नेपाल । 


टुक्रिएकाे याे मेराे देशलाई

हराउन थालेकाे मेराे भेषलाई

बनाए उनैले याे देश एउटा

छन्, यहाँ धेरै मन्दिरमा द्याैता 

यही हाे मेरो देश नेपाल ।


नेपालमा छ संसारको सबैभन्दा उच्च हिमाल 

यसले पर्यटकहरूलाई स्वागत गर्छ

सुन्दरताले यहाँकाे साैन्दर्य छर्छ 

नेपालको नाम  चिनाउँछ विश्वमा 

यही हाे मेरो देश नेपाल ।


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खुसीका आशा
- Rushina Tamang - 26008, Grade ... 30 November, 2023

“साक्षी ! तिमी कहिले आफ्नो परिवारलाई एस खत्तम प्रथाबारे किन भन्दिनाै ?” रहरले साक्षीको काखमा टाउको राख्दै साक्षीतर्फ हेर्दै सोध्छ । 

एकछिन सोचेपछि मात्र साक्षीको मुखबाट जवाफ निस्किन्छ, “मलाई थाहा छैन रहर । किन मलाई भन्न मन नै लाग्दैन । उहाँँहरूले सुनेनि यो प्रथालाई नराम्रो भनेर हेर्दैनन् भन्ने थाहा भएर हो कि डरले हो । कि सानैदेखि यसरी नै पालेर बानि भएर हो । मैले उहाँँहरूलाई भने पनि फाइदा हुँदैन जस्तो लाग्छ।” “तर उहाँँहरूलाई यस कुराको बारेमा जान्नु जरुरी छ साक्षी । उहाँहरूलाई यो प्रथाको हानिकारक असरहरूबारे जान्न धेरै जरुरी छ साक्षी । उहाँँहरू तिम्रो परिवार हाे, अलिकति प्रयास गरेपछि बुझ्नुहाेला कि ! ” रहरले भन्छ । 

“उहाँहरू मेरो परिवार हाे त्यसैले भनिरहेकी छु । उहाँहरूले हाम्रो कुरा बुझ्नुहुन्न रहर । उनीहरूको आँखामा हाम्रा विचारहरू बच्चाहरूका विचार हुन् । उहाँहरूको विश्वासको विरुद्ध जाने हाम्रो सोच हाम्रो बोली उहाँहरूका लागि मजाक हुन्छन् रहर।”, साक्षीले हाँस्दै भन्छे। 

रहरले साक्षीको लामो परेला र सुन्दर अनुहारतर्फ हेरिरहेको हुन्छ । साक्षी गाउँका केटीहरूमध्ये एकदमै सुन्दर थिई । रहरको आँखामा त झन् सुन्दर । १६ वर्षीय साक्षी र रहर स्कुलको ४ कक्षादेखि प्रेमीप्रेमिका रहेका थिए । उनीहरूलाई कोसैले छुट्टाउन सक्दैनथे । उनीहरूको परिवारहरूलाई उनीहरूको सम्बन्धको बारेमा केही थाहा थिएन र उनीहरू केही भन्ने इरादामा पनि थिएनन् । आखिर साक्षी रहरभन्दा गरिब परिवारबाट बुबाआमाको पसिनाले बगेको पैसाले बोडिङ्ग स्कुलमा पढ्न आएकी थिई । आफ्नो आमा बुबाको छोरी बोडिङ्ग स्कुलमा पढोस् भन्ने इच्छा पूरा गर्न मात्र पढिरहेकी थिई । तर उसको धेरै जस्तो बेला पढाइ छुट्टिन्थ्यो । ऊ हरेक महिना बिरामी भएको बहाना बनाएर स्कुल १ हप्तासम्म आउँदिनथी । किनकि उसलाई महिनावारी भएको बेला छाप्राेमा लगेर राखिन्थ्यो र पढ्न जान पनि दिइँदैनथ्याे । उसको स्कुलले परिवारलाई यो समस्याको बारेमा धेरै पटक सम्झाउन त खाजेका हुन् तर साक्षीका आमाबुबा धेरै अन्धविश्वासी थिए । 

यस प्रथाका कारण बिचरी त्यो साक्षीलाई १६ वर्षको उमेरसम्म तिन पटक महामारीको रोग लागिसकेको थियो । तर पनि उसका आमाबुबाले आफ्ना आँखाबाट अन्धविश्वासकाे आँखा खोलेनन् । “तिमी साच्ची निश्चित छौ आफ्नो निर्णयबारेमा ?” रहरले सोध्छ । 

“म निश्चित छु रहर। मलाई थाहा छ हामीले गर्न आटेको कुरा कति कठिन निर्णय हो भनेर तर हामीले यो गर्नैपर्छ रहर । यहाँ बस्यौ भनी मेरो परिवारले मलाई काँच्चै खान्छ र त्यहाँ गएर नि केही भयो भनी म सकेसम्म प्रयास त गरे भनेर हुन्छु रहर । मलाई यो गाउँभन्दा धेरै टाढा हेर्नु छ रहर ।  मलाई यो नदी  कता गएर सक्किन्छ हेर्नु छ। म यता बसेर बाँच्न सक्दिनँ रहर । त्यसैले म पनि तिमीसँगै………….”, साक्षीले दुरीमा बगिरहेको नदीतर्फ हेर्दै भन्छे। 

“तिमी निश्चित छौ भनी त् मा पनि निश्चित छु । तिमीलाई थाहा नपाइकन चैँ कसरी भगाउने भनेर अलि गारो छ । तर तिमी चिन्ता नगर साक्षी म तिमीलाई यहाँबाट जसरी भए पनि भगाएर लान्छु।”,रहरले साक्षीको हात समाएर उसको आँखामा हेरेर भन्छ । “म मेरो पढाइ भारतमा पूरा गरिरहेको हुन्छु । अनि, म काम पनि गर्छु अनि तिमीलाई खुसी राख्छु।” साक्षीले रहरको आँखामा हेरिमात्र रहन्छे र हाँस्छे तर केही बोल्दिन। 


“हामी पर्सिसँगै लुकेर निस्किनुपर्छ हस् ? भारत पुगेपछि हाम्रो खुसीका दिन सुरु हुन्छन् साक्षी । अनि मेरो पढाइ सकिएपछि म तिमीसँग विवाह पनि गर्छु।”

“हस् हस् हजुर ! आउलान् हाम्रा दिनहरू अब तपाईंको बाऊ खोज्न आउनुभन्दा पहिले छिटो गैस्योस्।” साक्षी रहरलाई  बिदा गर्दै भन्छे। 

“म भोलि नि आउँछु, मेरो लागि पर्खिराख है।”

“हस् हस् हजुर ! पर्खौला।”


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Undercover in New York: The Mission (Ch 1)
- Surabhi Ghimire - 26012, Grad ... 29 November, 2023

I was waiting at the table for my coworker to arrive. He was supposed to guide me to New York and be my superior on my mission. I had only joined as an undercover detective for a government organization a year ago but was already well-known. They decided to move me to New York yesterday, and I arrived by flight.


My eyes wandered around the cafe, taking in the warm and inviting atmosphere. Despite the lateness of the hour - around 10:00 p.m. - the place was bustling with activity. I couldn't help but notice the cozy decor, with soft lighting, comfortable seating, and vibrant artwork adorning the walls. The chatter and laughter of the customers added to the friendly atmosphere, making me feel right at home.


As I sat there, absorbed in my thoughts, my attention was suddenly drawn to the door by the arrival of a tall, well-built man. He was dressed in a smart suit that emphasized his broad shoulders and gave him an air of control. The man had somewhat long black hair, and his piercing light brown eyes were framed by a pair of glasses.


I couldn't help but notice the agency ID that hung around his neck as he approached my table and sat down. I introduced myself as Claire, and he introduced himself as Marcus. As Marcus extended his hand for a handshake, his deep and serious voice captured my attention, leaving me intrigued about who he was and what he had to say about our mission.


"The boss has informed me of a highly organized criminal group operating in New York. He has requested the involvement of our most skilled detectives to investigate the matter. This is a high-profile case, and utmost confidentiality is of the essence, Claire. Please ensure that no information is leaked. The organization is known for fraud, embezzlement, murder, and many more heinous crimes. Bringing them down would do good for this city."


"Why did the boss choose me? I’ve only been here for a year and have limited experience compared to everyone else in the field."


"I'm not sure. If it makes you feel better, I was completely against it," he said condescendingly.


"Anyway, to complete your mission, you'll need to adopt the disguise of a maid and infiltrate the organization. This is a crucial opportunity to gain access to the organization's leader's mansion and gather intel. Be prepared to earn their trust through hard work, dedication, and attention to detail. It's essential to blend in with the other workers and follow their codes of conduct to avoid arousing suspicion. Once you've established yourself as a trusted worker, you may begin collecting information and communicating it back to me. Remember to stay alert and be cautious at all times, as any slip-up could jeopardize the entire mission."


"You know a lot of words," I snickered. He glared back, unimpressed. "But how do you know they're hiring? What if they reject me?"


“The family wants a new teenage worker for their daughter; the interview will take place tomorrow. You'd be perfect. I don't know your age, but you could pass as 17. Not many teens want the job since their daughter is a bit spoiled and bossy, so your chances are highly increased. Good luck for tomorrow; you'll need it,” he said, with the same condescending tone.


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कस्तो हो यो दसैँ ?
- Eshaan Kumar Rajbhandari - 27 ... 29 November, 2023

हिन्दुहरूको महान् चाड दसैँ

आयो आयो आयो भन्छन् दसैँ 

बजारभरि छ निकै  भिडभाड

आयाे रे याे निकै खुसीकाे चाड ।


बजारमा किनमेल गर्नेकै छ ताँती 

सबै खुसी हुने धेरै जाती

स्कुलमा पनि दसैँको बिदा 

रमायाैँ हामी साथीसाथी मिल्दा ।


मेरो प्यारो छ सबैको प्यारो 

आयो आयो आयो दसैँ प्याराे

पहिलो दिन जौ र मकै माटामा छरेर

 हाली राख्यौँ जमरा रमाइलाे गरेर ।


सुरु गर्दै यस चाडलाई मनाउन

टाेलटाेलमा लागे बाजा बजाउन ।

गर्ने हाे रमाइलो हामीले सबैले 

मनाएर दसैँ खुसी र उमङ्गले ।


यो हो नेपाली एक महान् चाड 

तर बन्यो मेरो सहर सुनसान

आए सबै आफ्नो गाउँमा रमाउन

दसैँ आयाे दसैँ हाँसी हाँसी रमाउन।


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नेपाली यो सुन्दर प्रकृति
- Roji Gurung - 26007, Grade X ... 28 November, 2023

आकाशमा बादल घुम्दैछ,

आकाशकाे त्याे बादलसँगै

हेर्दाहेर्दा मन मेराे फुल्दै छ,

हिमाल, पहाड अझै उठ्दै छ,

सपनाहरू राख्दै छ

 फुलहरू  खिल्दैछ।


प्रकृतिको सौन्दर्य मनमोहक छ,

पुरानो संस्कृति र सभ्यता छ,

नेपालको अनेकाैँ रूप सुन्दैछु,

एकतामा सयपत्री माला उन्दै छु ।

म नेपाली नेपालमै रम्दै छु 

यहाँकाे प्रकृतिमा गर्व गर्दै छु ।


सगरको किनारामा बादल पर्छ,

पर्वतको चोटीमा तारा चम्कन्छ,

नेपालको सौन्दर्य अनमोल छ,

यो देशलाई प्रेम गरिरहन  मन छ ।


नेपाल, तिम्रो सुन्दर दृश्यमा,

म सधैँ प्यार गर्दछु तिमीलाई, 

तिम्रो सौन्दर्य र सुन्दर रचना

मेरो मन खुसी छ तिमीलाई देख्दा ।


तिम्रो सुन्दरताको वर्णन कसरी गरुँ,

तिम्रो मुहार हेरेर हाँस्न मन लाग्छ, 

तिमी जस्तै चुलबुल हुन मन लाग्छ,

तिम्रो मुस्कानमा मरिजाऊँ जस्तो लाग्दछ।  


गर्मिको बेला तिमी फूल झैँ फक्रिन्छाै,  

जाडोको बेला तिमी थरथर काँप्छाै,

त्यही नि तिम्रो सुन्दरता उस्तै छ

जहिले त्यतिकै रहिरहने छ । 


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Dimensional Drift: From Mundane to Extraordinary
- Sauharda Bajracharya - 26010, ... 27 November, 2023

Once upon a time, amidst the hills and the forests, there lived a young man named Jake. He was an unremarkable figure in his village, who lived a mundane and uneventful life. Most of his time was spent doing paperwork at a modestly paying bank, often requiring him to work overtime. One night, as he made his way home from work, his life took an unexpected turn.


It was a stormy night, the sound of thunder and lightning echoing through the village. As Jake strolled his way home, a blinding light of thunderbolt broke down from the heavens and struck him with a force beyond any explanation. The thunderbolt ran through his body, sending shivers down his spine, feeling excruciating pain.


Much to his surprise, he did not perish to ashes. However, something seemed strange. Jake found himself transported to a world beyond his wildest imagination. He was no longer in his hometown; it was a whole new world. A colorful spectrum of colors surrounded the whole place. "Am I in heaven?" he asked himself. Well, it was not actually heaven, but a heavenly dimension with strange creatures and a paradisiacal landscape.


As Jake explored the new dimension, he found himself with extraordinary supernatural powers. He could manipulate time, stopping or accelerating it, allowing him to make changes back as well as to the future in time. He could also teleport from one place to another just with a mere thought. It was truly a gift of God, or so he thought.


Years passed by in the dimension; Jake wanted to return to his simple old lifestyle. His extraordinary skills allowed him to explore the dimension; however, it was quite unpredictable. He could teleport right into dangerous sites just by a mere thought, facing bizarre and strange creatures. Time manipulation was equally arbitrary, and he found himself skipping through centuries in a few seconds.


Jake’s hair was turning white, eyes filled with wisdom. He built a simple home there, learned to harness his powers, made friends with the inhabitants in the dimension. Yet, his desire to return back to his old self never waned. He spent countless hours trying to master his powers, controlling teleportation and time manipulation.


Several years passed by; his relentless practice allowed him to teleport and manipulate time with a delicate touch. He mastered teleporting through other dimensions and exploring and discovering new things. A few years back, when he first learned to travel to another dimension, he faced a dangerous-looking creature in the wild. The almost twice as big creature attacked him, just when he thought everything was over, he was teleported back to the previous dimension.


Jack discovered that dying in any alternate dimension would return him back to the original dimension, which was the very reason that had brought him there in the first place. He scavenged through dimensions trying to find his precious earth. He came across other look-alike dimensions but never the one which he admired. Just when he had given up hope, he found his lovely old planet.


Throughout all these years, the planet remained unchanged; the only thing that changed was Jake’s appearance. When he returned, only a few weeks had passed by since his disappearance. His loved ones were surprised when they encountered a middle-aged man, despite only a short disappearance. He kept quiet about where he had been all these years, or “weeks.” His journey reshaped his life from a regular unfathomable guy to a person with supernatural powers.


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खाली चाड
- Krishma Thapa - 27005, Grade ... 27 November, 2023

खुसीको चाड तिनीहरूका लागि खाली छ

शून्यता र निराशामा उजाडिएका छन् 

उनीहरूका कैयाैँ आशाका दिनहरू

किन्न नसकेका पैसाले उनीहरूका 

मिठा चाडपर्वहरू र खुसीहरू ।


तिनीहरूले भविष्यको आशा गरेका थिए

भविष्य वर्तमानमा आउँदा

भूत भएर हराउँदा पनि 

भविष्यकाे पर्खाइ जहाँकाे तहीँ छ ।

जुन माटोमा मिसिए जस्तै छ 

पानीमा घुलिए जस्तै छ ।


 उनीहरूका आशा र सपनाहरू पनि 

शीतका थाेपा जस्तै हराएका छन् ।

उनीहरूको परिवार  कमिलाकाे ताँती जस्तै

रुमलिएकाे छ, अलमलिएकाे छ,

अहिले छरपस्ट भएको छ,

मानाैँ पहिराेले बाटाे नै मेटिदिएकाे छ । 


साथै तिनीहरूको आशा, 

तिनीहरूले सपना देखेको भविष्य

हरेक सम्झनाले सधैँ दुख्छ

विशेष गरी चाडपर्वहरूमा 

अनिद्राका यस्तै रातहरूमा


सबैका लागि खुसीको पर्व होइन

खुसी हुन सक्नेका लागि पर्व हाे

हरेक चाडले सबैमा खुसी ल्याओस्

आँसुको साथ खाली चाड नजाओस् ।


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