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युद्ध यात्री
- Aarya Chhetry - 24006, Grade ... 09 February, 2024

रगतको नालीमा कदम सर्दासर्दै 

श्रद्धञ्जली मानवतालाई मानिस मर्दामार्दै 


थाके यी हात उठाउँदा ती औजारहरू 

म त आगाडि छु कति थाके ती फौजहरू 


हिड अगाडी बढ नथाक भनेको छु यी पाइलालाई 

आज छु भोलि नहुँला कात्राे किन्न भनेको छु मैलालाई 


साहस, हिम्मत अनि मूर्खता, अङ्गअङ्ग चढेपछि 

न त आमा वा बुबा भानुँला, एकै बन्दुकमा ढलेपछि 


यता रगत बगिरख्दा खोला, उता सिन्दुर पखालिँदा 

आशा साथै ढले भरोसा, मनै थाके काध दिँदादिँदा 


प्रथम जीत हर्ष उल्लास, गगन नै छ चुमेसरि 

भिन्न थिए न कुनै रुपमा, रोधन अनि आँशु झरी 


मेरो बालक र तिनका शब्द बोल्दा तोते थियो 

प्रश्न प्रश्न नै रह्यो, कसले कसलाई के दियो 


टोलाएँ, सोचेँ जब साथी, मुकुटमाथि नाच्दछन् 

पीडा भयो होला कती, नली खुट्टा जब भाच्दछन् 


पिएँ, तानेँ लिएँ युद्धको नसा, छोड्न पछि गारो होला 

छोड्छौँ कि लुट्छौँ अझै अघि भरिसके तिम्रा झोला     


बिच अरु आशाहिन प्रार्थना सुन्न सक्दिनँ भावना 

नशा सूची गाँस्दै सुलीमा चड्ने आफ्नो कामना 


चोरिएको खुसी, चुरा र पाउजु, सुत्न नदीकन बज्दछन् 

आदर्शसँगै झरेका टाउका स्वप्न सराप्दै सज्दछन् 


कालो परिसक्यो यो जिब्रो, झुठाे चाट्दाचाट्दै 

अपराधी हुँ म सोचको धर्म काट्दाकाट्दै 


संसार पालूँ भनी काखमा, च्याति अरुको गर्भ 

खोज्दिनँ मोक्ष यस कालमा पाउँछु कहिले मर्न


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The Strength To Be Disliked
- Aman Bastola - 25004, Grade X ... 09 February, 2024

“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own” -Marcus Aurelius

“The fear of being judged” is the fear that keeps us in chains and holds us from achieving our true potential. This fear alone has destroyed many potentials of a human being. For instance in the beginning of human civilization a human needed another human for food, shelter and to protect one another from predators, even now that our society has evolved to a point where we no longer have to worry about predators and we have the resources to provide us food, shelter and clothing, they need to be part of a group/society still has been maladapted. Then came the time where we were scared of the cold and the dark. Today we are scared of being canceled on twitter or being commented on Facebook because of something we said or even being insulted for posting pictures wearing the same dress on instagram. This feeling of being ostracized has worsened due to social media like for example the like and dislike button created the feeling of being validated and seen by others. Watching the numbers go up can be addicting to the point where we stop saying the stuff we really want to say, stop posting the pictures we want to post and start writing our opinion, posting our pictures to earn “fame” and to earn validity by some strangers on the internet and to be “seen”.

Caring about what others think is healthy, but it becomes hurtful when we try to change ourselves just to be liked by others. The problem today is we are taking criticism from people we wouldn’t even take advice from. In today’s modern society there is freedom of speech, but only when your microphone is turned off because today people don’t speak about their opinion freely in open mics rather write about it in social media anonymously because they have a constant fear of being judged, canceled and  to fit in this society full of lies. If you wouldn’t let a stranger into your house for fear of invading your privacy, why would you let them into your head which is the most private place or all?  The problem is that when you are different, friends and family don’t interact with you anymore, and that is hard to bear for many. This is the reason many people change their opinion just to be “validated”. We shouldn’t take to heart what other people say about you if they aren’t very close to you because you cannot please everyone. 

Thus the title concludes with the idea of having the resilience and inner fortitude to endure being disliked by others while maintaining a sense of dignity and composure. I remember a closing note here: “Care about people’s approval, and you’ll be their prisoner”


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The Controversial Legacy of Writing from Oscar Wilde
- Nupur Lamichhane - 24068, Gra ... 08 February, 2024

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” a famous literary classic novel written by Oscar Wilde, explores themes of aestheticism, the duality of human nature, the consequences of greed and obsession and the mortality of beauty, youth and appearance. This novel is considered a classic of Victorian literature and a significant work in the Gothic tradition. With his phenomenal writing skills, Oscar Wilde was also known for his sharp wit and humor, his sense of aesthetics, and his flamboyant fashion sense, which later sparked a huge controversy.


The novel was first published in a Monthly Magazine in June 1890. It explored mortality, dark human behavior and some homoerotic themes and indulgent lifestyles. As The societal norms of the Victorian era were very conservative the public response to the book was utter shock and moral outrage. The magazine editors censored certain “controversial” and “scandalous” parts from the book but it did not help at all because people were already against it, some saying that it supports “satanism” and "gross indecency" (a term formerly used to denote certain criminal offenses, in particular sexual activity between men). As a response to the public criticism and controversy, later in 1891 when the novel was published in a book form, Oscar Wilde added a preface in his book where he starts by saying, “The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim.” Basically explaining that art allows the audience to appreciate its beauty without being overly concerned with the personal life or identity of the artist. He also mentions that “those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming” and straightforwardly calls this trait a fault. In the same preface Wild also delivers a powerful line addressing people calling him and his writing “immoral” by saying "There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written. That is all." This line suggests that the only meaningful difference is whether a book is well or poorly written, rather than making moral judgments about its content. And ends the preface by saying “All art is quite useless” implying that art is not meant to serve a specific purpose and that the art's value is in its beauty and the enjoyment one feels. But, since Wilde himself had a flamboyant lifestyle and an open acknowledgment of his homosexuality, it made the situation even worse as the public started questioning Wilde's personal choices and started calling him out for his “immoral acts.” The matters got so bad that in 1895, Wilde faced legal troubles and the trial led to revelations about Wilde's private life which resulted in his arrest and subsequent conviction for "gross indecency,” and he was sentenced to two years of prison. This had an intense impact on his personal and professional life. He faced public disgrace, financial ruin, and imprisonment. Wilde's health became progressively worse in prison, and after his release, he lived in exile in France until his death in 1900. Oscar Wilde's reputation suffered greatly for years, and he went through a rough period of social and personal issues. The controversy surrounding the novel did not immediately die down, but over time, the work gained recognition for its literary value. After Wildes death, his reputation was restored, and "The Picture of Dorian Gray" came to be appreciated as a significant contribution to literature.


This situation shows how writers in Wilde's time (Victorian era) had a tough time trying new ideas as society expected them to follow strict moral and social rules. The controversy around Wilde's work shows how challenging it was for writers to break free from these expectations and explore new themes or styles. It also shows how Oscar Wilde tried to normalize various elements in writing as well as in the society and its people of his time. 


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- Shuvanshis Gautam - 25059, Gr ... 08 February, 2024

मेरा बुबा सरह महान् बन्ने

मेरो जीवनको एक मात्र लक्ष्य 

मेरो जीवनको खुशी नै उनको

जीवनको रमणीय पक्ष  ।।


मैले अमूल्य हिरामाथि 

आफ्नो बुबा रोज्दथेँ 

मेरो सानो सानो मुस्कानमा 

आफ्नो  खुशी  खोज्थे ।।


मानिसको मान के हो र !

पक्की बाँध त फुट्छ 

यस जीवनमा सम्बन्ध के हो  र !

आँध्यारोमा घाम त छुट्छ ।।


मेरो बुबा भन्नु हुन्थ्यो 

सुन्दरता जीवनको गन्तव्यमा हैन 

त्यस्को यात्रामा हुन्छ सुन्दर 

यात्राको अन्त्यमा हरेक मन रुन्छ ।।  

अहिलेसम्म मैले आफ्नो बुबाको 

गुण चिन्नै  सकिनँ 

जति नै महान् बने पनि 

आफ्नो बुबालाई उछिन्नै सकिनँ 

कुरा के गरूँ मैले आफूलाई 

अरुभन्दा भिन्न बन्नै सकिनँ 

सबै मानिस समान हो भन्ने कुरा 

मैले कहिल्यै मान्नै सकिनँ ।।


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कहाँ गयो मानव
- Anukul chapagain - 24078, Gra ... 07 February, 2024

छैन माया कति पनिव्यवहार चाहिने गजब 

दिमाग न चाहिने धन नै भयो सब 

भगवानसँग छैन डर बने सबै दानव 

सबै प्राणीको हित चाहिने कहाँ गयो मानव 


कृष्णको गीत झुटो पैसा मात्र साचो 

घृणा, दुर्व्यवहार लिएर यो मानव कति बच्यो 

मानवता हरायो विश्वमा मायाको सबैलाई खाँचो

सत्यको हार भयो अहिले असत्य खुलेर नाँच्यो 


पैसालाई मात्र माया छैन अरुसँग सम्बन्ध

पबित्र नदी फोहोर पारि आयो नराम्रो गन्ध 

आफ्नो मात्र सोच्ने अरु बाटो भयो बन्द 

धर्मको नाममा पनि लड्ने भयो समाज दुर्गन्ध 


भगवानले संगार गर्छन् भने पनि छैन डर 

नम्राे सङ्गत नजिकिने राम्रोसँग पर पर 

सबैमा घृणा अहिले छैन कसैको भर 

अर्कोलाई सगाउँदा बिग्रिन्छ आफ्नै घर 


सकियो मन्दिर जानी सानु पर्ने सब 

साँचो सबै हरायो सबै जना ठग

मानवको हर्कतभन्दा लाग्छ राम्रो दानव  

प्रगति भन्दै अहिले  यो कहाँ गयो मानव  


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The Impact of AI on Education
- Sana Shrestha - 25056, Grade ... 07 February, 2024


Artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems and machines which can perform various tasks that usually require human intelligence. Some of them are voice recognition, decision making and machine learning. In addition, it can solve complex problems, mathematical models, and analyze large amounts of data. It helps to authorize machines to solve different problems.

Positive impacts of AI on education

AI is projected and developed to do a particular job. It also contains the ability to understand and apply knowledge for many different tasks which are similar to human beings. This AI has direct impacts to various facets such as healthcare, education, transportation and finance. As technology is advancing AI is also bringing us closer to more advanced forms of AI. The impact of AI on education is that it covers different factors of teaching, learning and educational systems. It has played an important role in reshaping various aspects of our life. AI in education has brought a wave of new ideas, personalized learning and improved educational outcomes. Looking at personalized learning, smart tutoring systems and automated testing, AI has made technological advancements in education. AI is helping in education by making learning more advanced day by day. Instead of using the same teaching method for everyone, AI tries to understand each student, then customize the lessons and test on the basis of needs of each student and the way they like to learn. This can help them understand and enjoy learning more. Smart tutors are a big technological advancement in education. These tutors use AI to figure out where students find it hard, give specific help, and change their guidance based on how well each student is doing. Adaptive learning platforms use AI to make sure students get the right level of difficulty and support. This helps all kinds of students, whether they're learning quickly or need extra help. It also makes things like scheduling and keeping records much easier. This way, teachers can spend more time teaching and less time dealing with all the paper works. AI helps translate languages so that students can understand educational stuff in their own language. This makes it easier for people around the world to share knowledge.


Negative impacts of AI on education

AI in education has some negative impacts that some students might not have access to AI technology as others. In this generation we need the internet and technologies to make our life easier and help students to learn and understand better. But because of the financial difficulties it is hard for them to use AI technologies which can create a huge gap between rich and poor.AI is very useful and can do almost everything we command and instruct them to do but it cannot replace the human connection which are provided by the teachers. Teachers teach students by bringing emotions and their experiences to learning which is very important for students. But if we depend too much on AI then it might reduce these important interactions between teachers and students. Not just that there is also a risk of focusing too much on tests and numbers. And overthinking about the test scores could stop us from thinking creatively and critically. We need to be careful about the problems and negative impacts. 



In conclusion, AI in education has both good and bad sides. We need to be aware of the problems and keep balance with the positive impacts and negative impacts of AI. It will benefit the students and help them a lot in the educational sector if they use it positively. When there are two sides, sensible people always think of positive side to use for making substantive marks in their lives. 


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Everest Base Camp Trek
- Samriddha Raj Satyal - 24063, ... 06 February, 2024

Everest Base Camp is a wonderful place to visit in Nepal. It nearly takes around 14 to 15 days to complete the trekking route. The hardships during the trek are really worth remembering for the view and the beauty of nature. This article explores the complete route and itinerary in brief for the EBC Trek. 

First, we can take a bus to Ramechhap from where we are. Nowadays, we can simply book buses online through different websites as well. If you are in Kathmandu, it approximately can take about 5-6 hours to reach Ramechhap. Generally, we stay there for the night at a hotel. For Day 2, we must have our pre booked air tickets to Lukla if you want to go by air. Upon arriving in Lukla, our adventure begins. We must have a moderate lunch for energy. As we ascend our altitude, the items get more expensive. So it is better to take some snacks and food with you from the markets downwards. We officially begin our trek and walk towards Phakding, which is at an altitude of 2,610m. We can spend the night in a hotel there. On the third day, we head towards Namche Bazar, which lies at an altitude of 3,440m. It will approximately take about 5 to 6 hours to reach there. We spend the night there.

The fourth day is an acclimatization day. Increasing the altitude so rapidly can be dangerous for us. We trek to Everest View Hotel and explore the Sherpa Village in Namche Bazaar, walking for approximately 4 to 5 hours. We spend the night in a lodge. On the next day, we head further up towards Tengboche, which lies at an altitude of 3,680m, an amazing place to visit. There are a lot of lodges where we can stay. You feel that you are in another word because you find everything strange and dreamy. On the very next day, we may be heading towards Dingboche, a beautiful village at an altitude of 4,410m, which will take about 4 to 5 hours of walking. We stay there at Dingboche after a tough walk uphill on the mountains. On the next day, we again stay on just for acclimatization because it is risky to climb up without adjusting our bodies to the altitude. Then we hike to Nangkartshang Hill, which will take approximately 4 hours of walking. There, we will spend the night. Our next day’s destination is Lobuche, a beautiful destination at an altitude of 4,910 meters. It takes around 6 to 8 hours walk to there. So it might be one of the difficult days for you. On the very next day, we will move ahead exploring the beautiful Gorak Shep, lying at an altitude of 5,140m, and finally, we will continue our journey to the Everest Base Camp, lying at an altitude of 5,364m. This trek could approximately take about 5 hours. We will stay there at the Base Camp to experience the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

On the next day, we begin our trek to Kala Patthar, which is situated at an altitude of 5,545m. Afterward, in the noon, we will trek back down to Zhong La, lying at 4830m, which could take several hours of walking, depending on pace. Most people feel that it is easier to get downhill. We spend the night there at a lodge. The next day, we embark on a challenging trek to Thangna/Dragnag (4,700m) or Gokyo Lake (4,790m) via Cho La Pass (5,368m). This could take about 8 or 9 hours. So it could be hard for most trekkers as well. We spend the night in a cozy lodge we choose. You start the day with a hike to Gokyo Ri, lying at an altitude of 5,357 m. to enjoy the majestic view of mother earth and the nature. At noon, we continue our trek back to Machherma (4,470 m.), which will take approximately 6 hours of walking. We spend the night in a lodge there.

After this amazing experience of trek, we start to descend. We will descend directly to Namche Bazaar, on the next day. It could take about 7 hours. From Namche Bazaar the next day, we can get down to Lukla in a jeep or car and spend the night there in a comfortable hotel. We pack all our stuffs up and we fly back to Kathmandu marking the end of the trek. 


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कल्पनाको संसार
- Kritam Man Maharjan - 25033, ... 06 February, 2024

के सबै सपना पूरा हुन्छन् ? के सबै सोचेका कुराहरू गर्न सकिन्छ त ? के कल्पना गर्नु नै नराम्रो हो ? कल्पना नगरी त बाँच्न पनि के रमाइलो हुन्थ्यो र ! मेरो विचारमा त सपना पूरा हुनु पनि भाग्यको एक खेल हो तर यो भन्दैमा सपना नदेख्ने त हैन नि । देखेका सबै सपनाहरू विपना त हुँदैनन् तर आशा भने चाँहि जहिले राखिरहनुपर्छ । मनमा सपना राख्नु भनेको अँध्यारो कोठामा दियो बाल्नुसरह हाे । आजभोली सबै युवाहरूको एक मात्र सपना हुन्छ, कक्षा १० सकेपछि साथीहरूसँग मनाङ्ग मुस्ताङजस्ता ठाउँहरूकाे यात्रा गर्नु र त्यो पनि बाइकमा । 

सायद मैले पनि मनाङ्ग जाने कल्पना नगरेको भए यो यात्रा यति रमाइलो हुने थिएन । यो अनुभव मेरो जीवनमा गरेको एक उत्कृष्ट अनुभव हो । जसमा मैले आफ्नो दाइ, दिदी र परिवारसँग मनाङ्गको यात्रा पूरा गरेको थिएँ । यस यात्रामा निकै रमाइलो गरेको छु । निकै रमाइलोका साथ आफ्नो परिवारसँग एउटा कल्पना गरेको ठाउँमा पुगे । तर साच्चै भन्नुपर्दा त्यहाँसम्म पुग्नु नै निकै कठिन थियो । गाडीमा काठमाडौंदेखि बेसिसहर र त्यहाँदेखि माथि हुम्लेसम्म जीपमा । बाटो त निकै बिग्रेको र बनाउने प्रक्रिया चलिरहेको थियो । “कठिन बाटोले नै सुन्दर गन्तव्यमा पुर्याउँछ।”  यस यात्रामा मैले निकै नै धेरै कुरा सिक्न पाएको छु ।

मनाङ्ग एक पर्यटक क्षेत्र हो । नेपालको दक्षिण जुन भागमा रहेको यस ठाउँमा सबैभन्दा सुन्दर ताल 'तिलिचो' पनि रहेको छ । मनाङ्ग लगभग ३५०० मिटरभन्दा बढी उचाइमा रहेको छ। अन्नपूर्णको काखमा रहेको छ । प्रकृतिको सुन्दरता र त्यहाँका मनाङ्गे भाषा र भाकाको सुन्दरताले भरिएको ठाउँ हाम्रो गन्तव्य थियो । हिमाल र पहाडको फेदमा रहेको यस ठाउँमा जाडो निकै छ तर त्यसभन्दा पनि राम्रो यहाँबाट देखिने दृश्यहरू हुन । अन्नपूर्णको दोस्रो भाग, र अन्य थुप्रै हिमाल र पहाडहरूको सजिलै दर्शन गर्न सकिन्छ । गङ्गापुरण, तिलिचो, आइस लेक, जस्ता थुप्रै तालहरूले भरिएको ठाउँ हो मनाङ्ग । सपना र कल्पनामा नअटाउन सकिने ठाउँ रहेछ यो त । यस्तो सुन्दर दृश्य त सपनामा पनि नआउला । निकै नै आनन्दको अनुभव गर्न सकिन्छ । यति सुन्दर ठाउँ र उति नै सुन्दर त्यहाँका मानिसहरू। सुन्दरताको बयान त कसरी गर्न सकिन्छ र, जहाँ मनले आनन्द मान्छ र आँखाले चारैतिर सुन्दरता देख्छ। निकै सुन्दर वातावरण र उति नै कठिन बाटो । कहीँ पानीले गर्दा बिग्रेको त कहीं ढुङ्गा नै ढुङ्गा, धुलो र धुवाँ बिनाको ठाउँ हाम्रो गन्तव्य थियो ।

रमाइलोका साथ हाम्रो यात्रा सुरु भयो र रमाउँदै अघि बढ्यौँ । कठिन बाटो भए पनि हामीसँग निकै रमाइलो दाइ जसको गाडीमा हामी यात्रा गर्दै थियाैँ उहाँले हामीलाई रमाउन सिकाउँदै हुनुहुन्थ्यो। उनी ठुलो उमेरका त थिएनन् तर जीवनमा दुःख र पीडा त निकै भोग्नु भएको रहेछ। कक्षामा सिकाउने पाठभन्दा जीवनले सिकाउने पाठ निकै सुन्दर र सदावहार चाहिने हुन्छ। उनको प्रेमको कथा सुन्दै, खोलाको छेउछेउ, डाँडाहरू काट्दै हामी अगाडि बढी रहेका थियौँ । घाम डुब्दै थियो र बाटो अझै लामो नै जानु थियो तर सबै सँगै भएकाले न त रातको डर लाग्यो न त जाडोले नै छोयो। जति जाँदै गयौँ त्यति नै तापक्रम घट्दै थियो तर हामी भने मज्जाले गाडीमा गफ र गीत गाउँदै आफ्नै धुनमा रमाउँदै थियौ। मैले त्यहाँको सुन्दर प्राकृतिक दृष्य देखेर थाहा पाएकी, काठमाडौंमा राति घुम्नु, साथीभाइसँग बसेर रमाइलो गर्नुको आनन्द एक तर्फ थियो भने गङ्गापूर्ण र तिलिचो तालबाट बगेको पानीको खोलाको बगरमा केही बेर एक्लै बस्नुको आनन्द बेग्लै रहेको थाहा पाएँ । प्रकृतिको सुन्दरताले मानवमा पैदा हुने हरेक रोग निको पार्ने क्षमता रहेको छ ।

जीवन जिउनुको अर्थ थाहा पाएँ । हामीले गरेको महसुस सायद सबैले गर्न नपाउँला तर प्राकृतिक अनुभव निकै महत्त्वपूर्ण छ । अब आउने पुस्ताहरूले पनि अनुभव र त्यसको आनन्द उठाउन पाउनु पर्दछ। यस यात्रा मेरो कल्पनाले भ्याउन सक्ने भन्दा पनि निकै रमाइलो र निकै ठुलो थियो। मेरो कल्पनाले देखेको प्राकृतिक सुन्दरता भन्दा पनि बढी सुन्दर थियो याे ठाउँ। अन्नपूर्णाको काखमा बसेर आफ्नै एक भाषा र भाका बुनेका मनाङ्गेहरूले साच्चै नै एउटा आनन्ददायी र प्राकृतिक सुन्दर ठाउँ पाएका छन्। दाजुभाइ, दिदीबहिनीसँग हँसीमजाक गर्दै, रमाइलोका साथ सबै कठिनाइ पार गर्दै यस यात्राको अन्त्य गर्याैँ । यस यात्रामा मैले नयाँ साथी पनि बनाए। जीवनको एक छुट्टै अनुभव पनि गरे‌ँ । काठमाडौँको बिग्रेको बाटो त केही होइन रहेछ त्यहाँको बाटोको अगाडि। तर त्यहाँका मानिसहरूमा एकता र एक आपसमा सद्भाव देखेर म दङ्ग परेँ। काठमाडौंमा हुने मानिसहरू भने घरसँगै टाँसिएका घरका मानिससँग त बोल्दैनन् भने यहाँ त सबै जना सबै छर छिमेक एक परिवार झैँ मिलेर बस्ने रहेछन्। यो कुरा सबै मानिसले सिक्नु पर्ने कुरा हो भन्ने थाहा पाएँ। सबैको साथ रमाउनु नै ठुलो हो। 

के जम्मै ठाउँ कल्पनामा अटाउन सकिन्छ र । के सबै कल्पनामै सीमित हुन्छ र। यस सबै प्रश्नकाे उत्तर एक मात्र हो ‘हुँदैन किन भने सपना बुन्यो भने पो बल्ल त्यसलाई हकिकतमा बदल्ने प्रयास हुन्छ। कल्पना गर्दै गर्ने क्रममा मात्र हाम्रो सोचको कुनै सीमा छैन भन्ने बुझ्न सकिन्छ र त्यसलाई पूरा गर्ने हिम्मत आउँछ। कहिले पनि सपना देख्न डराउनु हुँदैन । केही सपना सपना नैं रहे पनि एउटा अविस्मरणीय मिठास छोड्छ। समयले सिकाएको पाठ कहिल्यै बिर्सन सकिँदैन र सोचभन्दा ठुलो केही हुँदैन । 


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Our Home: the Mother Earth
- Chanchal Sah - 25032, Grade X ... 05 February, 2024

Environmental Issues

The surrounding in which human beings survive and perform our day-to-day activities can be referred as the environment. It consists of biotic and abiotic components, living and non-living things. The environment provides us oxygen, land, water, food, timber, wood and a lot more things. We use them in our daily lives. We as humans, have humanity, love, care and respect, and we show these to other humans, but we seem to forget the love we need to give back to our Mother Nature. We never think that we should care for our environment as well. We are getting more and more selfish and limited to our petty needs. We do not know what would happen if we continue to take things for granted and continue to pollute the environment, cut trees, throw trash in rivers or dump plastics underground and kill animals owing to our needs. The more you ignore the environment, the more it becomes polluted with contaminants and toxins with harmful impact on our health. 

Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases and cancer, among other problems and diseases. The other side effects of pollution and destroying the environment have adverse effects on all of us. In order to save the environment, we should focus on growing more trees, use minimum plastic bags as possible, use alternative sources of energy, use more public transport, minimize littering the environment at most. If we take these small steps, our needs will be fulfilled and the environment will not have to suffer much. This way, we need to show humanity towards our environment. The pollution caused by our actions have an adverse effect on our health and increase in air pollution also causes global warming.


Global Warming 

Every day more and more industries are being built emitting smoke and dust particles in the air. Carbon dioxide level is rising and so is the heat. More and more trees are being cut for human habitat, manufacturing and construction. This is giving birth to a deadly phenomenon called global warming. Everyone is talking about financial crisis but no one cares about environmental crisis and global warming which is a threat to mankind. Global warming is a phenomenon in which carbon dioxide levels rise in the atmosphere which traps the heat of the sun. This slowly increases the temperature of the blue planet, slowly raising its temperature every year. We might not be able to notice it but it is happening now. The glaciers are melting, increasing sea level and millions of animals lose their lives unable to adapt to the changing habitat. This is an open invitation to threat to all the lives on earth. Soon, life on earth will no longer exist. All the green meadows will slowly disappear. Ultimately, it is possible that the earth will turn into a lump of rocks with no life. All the glaciers will melt causing countless tsunamis and floods in cities and colonies next to the ocean. If only we could stop it from happening, we can live longer with our animal friends on this heavenly planet. The root cause of global warming is urbanization. If we stop cutting trees and stop those industries from releasing toxic smoke in this atmosphere, there is a chance for us to exist longer. If we shut down the pollution causing factories, there is a chance for global warming to minimize. To completely stop it, we must plant millions of trees and stop polluting this God gifted environment. This environment or earth is home to us and all the other plants and animal are just our friends. So we should save it so that our future generations will also be able to see this beautiful earth with their beautiful eyes.

Our earth is a very interesting and unique planet. Our planet has just the right conditions for life to exist, and it is a very lively place. Earth is currently the only planet we can call "Home". Many Earth-like planets have been found by researchers all around the universe, but even though they have Earth-like characteristics, it lacks the essential building block of life. While there may be a suitable condition for hosting life, they are millions of light years away, and the current technology and the time limit we have are very limited for exploring further to it. Earth is the only planet with flowing rivers of fresh water and water reserves but we humans are trying to destroy it by modernization, and hence, suffering in a great way. Because of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, the ozone layer (the protective layer for lives on earth) is depleting in an unnatural rate, and this leads to skin cancer and the extinction of species. Global warming is trapping heat on earth leading to rising sea levels endangering human race subsequently. 



All in all, it seems that we should encourage others to plant more trees and seek an alternative resource of energy for a sustainable development of our future. If the evil practice of using fossil fuel continues, the oil reserves will soon vanish resulting in the never ending energy crisis for future generations and leaving unhospitable environment on the earth. Even Though the number of trees that are present is slowly increasing, the continuous use of fossil fuel and its results in the future is uncertain. If global warming continues, our earth will finally stop tolerating life in less than a few hundred years. Scientists say that some effects of it have been seen as many polar region animals are endangered. The polar ice caps are slowly melting away which increases the sea level and the low lying areas around the world can be submerged into the sea. So, we all should join hands together for a noble cause, and do our best to stop global warming and seek alternative ways to lower it before it is too late.


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Dependence on Technology
- Paurakh Raj Pandey - 24025, G ... 02 February, 2024

Technology simply means those things that make our life easier and provide us better services facilitating our tasks. Nowadays, as technology has been developing at such a fast pace, it has been affecting our lives imperiously. We have been using technology to do simpler things to solve and do big and important issues and things. We have become lazier these days since it takes less effort and more comfort. This has affected our physical health as well.

Being dependent on technology has made us forget our traditional technologies and skills. Yes, technology is indeed very helpful for our daily life, but being dependent on them has impacts on various things like traditional skills and physical health as well. We are being unable to read the map as nowadays because of the dependence on GPS and Mapquest for the directions. People are so dependent on their things that if they don’t have them, they get lost and cannot find their destination. And I also heard about something called automatic driving in which we don't need to do anything for driving cars. It drives itself. Similarly, calculators have become very essential famous among the students, shopkeepers. Many people use it to solve all the simple calculations as well instead of using their brains for it. This thing decreases the mental capacity to calculate. The digital cameras are also much popular as it is in most use the people face to use the different type of digital camera except it which is very dangerous as well. 

People are so much dependent on technology that their brains cannot develop well. They are physically and mentally impaired. Such dependence on technology makes our reading, learning, and writing powerless as much information could easily be found on the internet and other resources, so a person does not use his/her brain how much it could be occupied. Similarly, our ability to learn is also reduced to a great extent because computers can provide us all the information. Computers correct our spelling and grammatical mistakes so our English cannot be improved as well. Talking about food, people get packaged food so they don’t even learn to make it by themselves.

Similarly, internet has offered many facilities that help us in listening to music, chatting with our friends, watching videos and give us information about different things in a short time. People spend a lot of time on the internet rather than useful productive activities. I am also using internet to do my assignments easily and quickly. Then I also use it to chat with friends who are far from my home or city. Then I also use it to watch anime, movies, dramas, and many other things to entertain myself. I listen to music, songs, and other things. But what I think is that being dependent has imperious harmful effects although what I think is that if we use the technology properly and not being fully dependent on it, it can surely be very productive.

We can watch useful lectures and productive things through the internet. We can learn many things through the search engine about the world, history, past, countries, scientific inventions, and many other things. If we use these technologies properly, we can surely be more productive and creative. Keeping this in consideration I hope you will also improve your habit and make good use of the technology. 


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नजिकबाट अवलाेकन गर्ने अवसर पनि पाएँ …।
- Sparsha Dahal - 25073, Grade ... 02 February, 2024

नेपाल प्राकृतिक सौन्दर्यले भरिपूर्ण देश । नेपाल तिन भौगोलिक क्षेत्रमा विभाजित रहेको छ । हिमाल, पहाड, तराई तिन क्षेत्रको आफ्नो आफ्नै विशेष महत्व रहेको छ। तिनै विशेषताले गर्दा पनि होला नेपाल विश्वमा चर्चित छ । नेपालका तिनै क्षेत्रहरू निकै सुन्दर छन् । तिनै क्षेत्रले नेपाललाई विविन्न रुपमा पर्यटन क्षेत्रमा धकेली रहेको छ । 


तराई क्षेत्र नेपालको तल्लो भागमा अवस्थित रहेको छ । तराई  क्षेत्रलाई नेपालको अन्न घर भनिन्छ । नेपालमा पाइने धेरै जसो अन्न यही उब्जने गर्छ। तराईको माटो निकै मलिलो रहेको छ । तराई क्षेत्रमा २१ जिल्ला पर्दछन् । झापा, सिरहा, सप्तरी, मोरङ, सुनसरी, धनुषा, महोत्तरी, सर्लाही, बारा, पर्सा, रौतहट, चितवन, कपिलवस्तु, नवलपरासी, रुपन्देही, दाङ, बाँके, बर्दिया, कैलाली र कञ्चनपुर तराई क्षेत्रका जिल्लाहरू हुन् । 

 हाे, म पहिलो पटक तराई ३-४ वर्ष अगाडि गएको थिएँ । घुम्न जाने भनेपछि यसै पनि खुशी म तराई भनेपछि त्यो खुशीको सीमा तोडियो। पहिलो पटक तराई जाँदा आहा ओहो यस्तो पनि हुन्छ झैँ भयाे | यस्तोसम्म ठाउँ कतै मरुभूमि त होइन यो । म पहिलो पटक तराई दशैँ ताका  गएको थिएँ । चारैतिर फलिरहेका हरिया मन लोभ्याउने धान । तराई जाँदा काठमाडौंबाट सामान्यतया सिन्धुलीको बाटो राम्रो सुन्यौँ। हामीले पनि त्यही बाटो समात्यौँ ।

दशैँको यात्रा भएकाले म परिवारसँगै गएको थिएँ। दशैँ ताका परिवारसँग सँगै लामो यात्रामा मिठामिठा गफगर्दै हिड्नुको मजा पनि बेग्लै रहेछ । सिधुलीको बाटो भने सर्पभन्दा कम रहेनछ। साँगुरो घुमौरो बाटोले पनि छुटै मजा दियो । त्यो दिन को गन्तब्य सुनसरी । मेरो मामाघर रहेको थियो। गाईघाट र सप्तरीमा केही आफन्तजनको हातबाट टीका ग्रहण गर्यौँ। मैले पहिलो पटक सप्तकोशी नदिको दर्शन पाएँ। रातिको को समयमा त्यो नदीको सुन्दरता देखेर मेरो मनै लोभियो । अन्ततः काठमाडौँबाट हिडेको करिब  १२ घण्टापछि म मामाघर पुगे । भोलिपल्ट बिहान उठेर आफ्नो मामाघर ओरिपरि डुलेँ । साच्चै नेपाल पनि धेरै सुन्दर रहेछ। त्यहाँको कोशीको ताजा ताजा माछाको स्वाद भने बेग्लै नै हुँदो रहेछ। 

तत्पश्चात् हामी फुपूको हातबाट टीका थप्न बिराटनगर गयौँ। अहिले त गाउँ पनि धेरै विकास भयो भनेर टेलिभिजनमा मात्र सुनेको थिएँ। साच्चै हो जस्तो पनि लग्यो । तराईको सम्म बाटो वरिपरि हरियाली अहिले सम्झिँदा पनि आहा ! बिराटनगर सहर काठमाडौँ हेरीकन निकै सफा र शान्त रहेछ। बिराटनगरसँग भारत जोडिने जोगबनी नाका जोडिएको रहेछ। 

यो मौकामा पहिलो पटक म नाकाको बजार पनि घुम्न पाएँ । पहिलो पटक मैले रेल पनि जोगबनीमा देख्न पाएँ । 

हाम्रो योजना इलामसम्मकाे थियो तर समयको पावन्दीले गर्दा लामो समय सबैको बिदा भने मिलेन । त्यसैले भोलिपल्ट हामीले काठमाडौँ फर्कने निधो गर्यौ। फर्कदा खेरि बिहान सबेरै हिडेर जानकी मन्दिरको दर्शन गर्ने पनि टुङ्गो भयो । सोही योजनाअनुसार हामी बिहान सबेरै उठ्यौ र बाटोतिर लाग्यौँ । बिहान ४ बजे हामी त्यहाँबाट निस्कियौँ। करिब ११ बजेतिर हामी जानकी मन्दिरको दर्शन गर्न जनकपुर पुग्यौँ । जानकी मन्दिर राजमार्गबाट करिब २०/२२ किलोमीटर भित्र रहेछ। त्यहाँ मन्दिरको दर्शन गरी हामीले पेट पूजा गर्यौँ र त्यहाँ बाट फेरप काठमाडौँ फर्कन थाल्यौँ। 

त्यहाँबाट हिडेको करिब ८ घण्टापछि हामी काठमाडौँ आउन सफल भयौँ। यो यात्रामा मैले धेरै नयाँ कुरा देख्न र सिक्न पाएँ। 

मधेश जतिलै मैले पहिलो पटक देखेँ। तिनीहरूको रहनसहन, वेशभूषा, खानपिनको बारेमा मैले नजिकबाट अवलाेकन गर्ने अवसर पनि पाएँ । 


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