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Importance of Education for Development of Country
- Princy Jaiswal - 21116, Grade ... 28 November, 2019

Human beings today need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive world as well as to progress. This set of skills can be referred to as education. Education is important for a country to grow either economically or socially. Education plays a vital role in the growth of these two important factors. It is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits are transferred from one generation to the next generation. The education of a person gets starts when he/she is born. In the early state, the foremost vital teacher of a toddler is his/her folks and especially his/her mother because a mother can teach his/her child in the best possible way. As there are three levels of education primary, secondary and tertiary. One always quickly considers that for the development, the role of education in a country, especially the tertiary level is important, but I think that for a better future the base is important and the start of a child's education is within his/her mother’s hands. So the nations are built by mother.

Single mothers who aren’t educated cannot get a decent job and can’t support their children, which is a necessity in their situations. Being educated can help a single mother to find jobs and help them in the better upbringing of their children, thus helping them to become responsible citizens of the country. Education also shows the importance of voting. Education helps to decide whom to vote in order to make a difference in the economy of a country positively. Being educated helps in deciding why to vote for a particular party over the other. Uneducated people are unaware of the importance of choosing the right people to vote for. Education helps in getting jobs because it goes without saying that unless a person is educated, he or she cannot get a worthwhile job. Unemployment is a serious obstacle in the development and progress in a country’s economic status, thus posing a hindrance to the growth of the nation. The economic status of so many countries in the world is pathetic, due to the lack of education people who do not possess adequate skills and thus are unemployed.

A country with a strong education system can definitely develop in the future. In developing countries, improving citizen's learning is very important because their attitude towards a question can influence the development of the country. It is necessary to invest in education because children will be a laborer in the future. 


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If I Were A Bird
- Kripa Bhandari - 21129, Grade ... 27 November, 2019

“If I were a bird”; a whimsical statement that everybody wishes it could be true. Being a bird gives birth to complete freedom, you see. Since our childhood, we studied in our grammar books the correct use of “were” in this statement but not one of us really did feel that flexibility of living because Batman was our superhero and Barbie was our Wonder Woman. We studied without knowing what that proverb actually meant. But when we grew up and we learned the value of life, that pressure which rips our heart from inside and strives to burn away every memory like photographs- we tend to pray to be as free as a bird. We wished we could fly up above the sky with those breezing winds, erasing all those stress we are linking ourselves to, and seeing the twinkling stars with no clouds but that shimmering globe- gold moon; free from that jarring sound we hear every day and living every moment we possibly could live.

If I were a bird falls under my to-do list, which I wished a super unnatural power could help me with. As the sun shines beside my window giving birth to my glimmer of hope to do something good, and positivity gets in my nerves, I see that the owl rises softly from its track, carrying the shining snake into the trees. I see the birds chirping and hopping across the tree limb. I see the lake birds, crying as they swoop low over the water, birds serenading the dawn and squirrels chattering shrilly. "How I wish I were one of them" comes to my mind. Live your life in your own way is the first thing you hear from the advisors. Let your soul be as pure as gold says god and have faith in yourself is said by our mother but how do you live your life when everything in your life is like a labyrinth of darkness people utter. Those people who love watching vampires crawling and crumbling for blood and wish to be one of them. Those who are against the law of nature, law of love, law of emotions, law of anthropology and law of sensation. Giving up is a trend and living with a flow is a myth that now destroys the whole concept of creativity and faith.

 This has not only sliced people into two parts but has decreased the rate of living. Why a bird? Because they know how it is to live, to fly, to travel, to make memories if they understand, to love themselves, to be a good parent, to be a good leader, to work as a team, to be happy, to be attractive, to let everybody knows the importance of losing somebody, to protect themselves, to be a good mate, to travel your own destiny and to be a human, to keep themselves in a pocket of love, to get themselves whatever they want, to heal themselves, to be free from stress, to bring peace, to know what a beauty our country is, to love people selflessly, to wait for time, to understand patience, to live your life knowing how short it is.

 I wish I were a bird!

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- Sairash Sharma Gautam - 21118 ... 26 November, 2019

In the world of billions of online RPG-shooter games, I decided to code my own game. This is about "Rematch".

I set out with the idea by watching my friends play various multiplayer shooters as well as top-down styled 2D games. They are fun, enjoyable in small groups and will definitely kill your time with no effort. They are very addictive as well. I set out using Unity as I was familiar with it after using it for a few years to create random stuff.

I learned C# along the process of building my game. It took time, it would be almost 12:30 AM every time when I called it a day and hit the sack. That's the reason why I plan to name my company "Half-past Studios."

I love gaming and I love coding. Together with the combination of both my interests I was able to create something of my own and that was Rematch. A rematch is a PvP shooter game. You can play with 3 players with different controllers. Different weapons spawn every 5 seconds. In this game, each weapon has its own specific ability and damage. Each match lasts for three minutes long and after three minutes, spikes start to grow, reducing the play area until there's the last person standing which can lead to various interesting game mechanics. I am currently working on making a website for my game.

For further information, you can get into my website and find more about it. And I will be writing more updates on my game. For playing my game you can go to the site:https:// halfpast.itch.io/rematch. It’s just a prototype right now but at the end of this year, you can get the full game.

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Women: The Creator of Life
- Saurav Dhakal - 20125, Grade ... 24 November, 2019

Woman is the one who gives life to others. She is the creator of this beautiful world. She is the angel who brings heaven to  house. She is a person full of love, dignity, kindness, and beauty in heart. She is the confidence of father, hope of mother, faith of husband, support of children and much more in life. And, with all these responsibilities, she is never fed up, tired, hassled or hopeless. There has been a benevolent change in viewing women in the 21st century. Modernization has brought significant changes in development in female strengths. Nepal too has jumped to that level where there is a wide view of women empowerment. There are yet some obstacles that are not letting women to come out in a dignified manner.

Now, women are to be looked with respect and love but there are still some chain of restrictions for women. The chain has suffocated women. In many villages, there is still discrimination between men and women. She is not given decision making power. She is kept far away from the facilities which may empower women’s life. If a boy goes somewhere out with friends for two days, it’s suddenly accepted. But if a girl goes out, suddenly a tag is put on her which will mock her forever. She is bound to do all household work. She is treated as some kind of property to be handed over. In marriage, she is taken as a machine to produce children and fulfill some other family’s desire for life. Women’s every moment of life is filled with, “Do it immediately”, “Don’t do it, it’s not the work of woman”, “Don’t you dare.” Should her life be so much dependent on other? Is her life confined with patriarchy? All these questions always strikes me, yet I have no answers.

I think everyone knows that woman has a great role as a human being. Her absence puts many in troubling situations. The life will turn into a mess. It’s because of her hardship, perfection and devotion that our house is a “home”. It’s often said, “Woman is an ocean of love and sacrifice.” I find this very easy to believe. A mother being a perfect parent is an example to prove this point. I believe in every possible way that people like to live their life without having stress, trauma and worries. The question arises, “Why does only men get to do so?” There is a great role of women to beautify her home with lots of affection and care. She brings differences in others' life bringing peace and happiness at home.

Finally, from the very childhood, girls should be given equal chances in all aspects. They should be nurtured and card with love and affection. Women should not be bound to live her life without her rights. The rights enlighten her future and empower her dreams. It’s not the pitiful reservation and taking about but the way of looking at females. She gives motivations and inspirations. It should be rightfully clarified that she also has a space outside the kitchen. She should be uplifted in society with respect and honor, not with burden and curses. After all, she is the creator of this beauty called life.

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Be perfect or be loved?
- Riya Jha - 21134, Grade XI on ... 20 November, 2019

"Nobody is perfect and that's why pencils have erasers " a famous quote by Wolfang Riebe. But in the real world do we all really mean it? Perfection, it describes itself as the condition of having no flaws and no defects. But actually, I believe that the actual definition is a word describing that really does not exist. Perfection can be relatable with a virus that enters in a mind of a person, gets attached to it and destroy the whole system! I have always hated the very word perfection because I was always told to be perfect in every task I get involved in. If you have ever seen a tree in the jungle you'll notice that the trees have many flaws. Every trees got something on, bunch of bark ripped off, odd distribution of branches and many more. But somehow they all are beautiful. But in the case  of humans, it seems such a bizarre thing that they start dissecting them into pieces judging each other for perfection. If leaning tower was straight, nobody would look at it but it's different. Many historical inventions were not the perfect ones but today they are recognized as the best ones of all the time. So all I can say is Love your cracks, no makeup is brighter than a smile on your face and love the way you are. Perfection does not exist and perfect people aren't real. To end it all, being yourself, behaving without the weight of embarrassment and being happy with what you are and what you have is the biggest favor, you will ever do for yourself. 

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Disability a way of being differently abled
- Kriti Rajbhandari - 20116, Gr ... 19 November, 2019

Disability doesn’t make you exceptional, but your actions and approach towards it do make you exceptional. A disability is a lack of ability relative to a group or personal standard or norms. Being disabled doesn’t mean not being able, but it means being differently able.

Physically handicapped can be the result of an accident or birth deformation. Of course, handicapped people can be functional within society and contribute greatly to family, work, art, etc. Just because a person is lacking an arm or leg doesn’t mean he/she can’t hold a job, run a business, drive a car, etc. But, what do we do to those who are handicapped and must rely on others for their basic needs?  Should they be abused because they are an economic burden on the country or society? Does the value of a person depend on his ability to add economic value to a country? If that is the case then the children should be universally wiped off because they are obvious economic reliance on family and society. 

When we hear the word ‘disable’ we simply think of a person who can't walk or talk or do everything, we take for granted. But I find disability lies in a person who can’t find joy in life and are bitter. Disability doesn’t stand as a burden between man and his aspiration in life. The real disability is the disability of will and determination. For example, although Hassan is a disabled person who needs to walk on crutches, he is one of the well-known athletes in Iraq. He is a weightlifter and has won lots of gold medals. There are lots of such inspiration in the world.

Disability is a matter of perception. Actually, who are disabled people? According to the Oxford dictionary, a person who can’t use a part of their body completely or easily due to accident, illness, etc is a disabled person. I believe they are differently able. Everyone in this world is born with different talents so they are. Disable people can do more than what normal people can do. They are capable of discovering black holes and cosmos by just sitting on a chair like Stephen Hawking, become politician an author like Helen Keller, develop mathematical equations like Joan Nash.

We need to change our perception of disabled people. They are different than us and faces several difficulties made by and for normal people like us. So we need to help and cooperate with them not because they are disabled but they are different than us and will do things differently.

                                                                                                                         Source: inspirich.com

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