Student Corner

Kung Fu Panda Season 4

Written by: Nirvik Gurung - 32022, Grade V

Posted on: 17 May, 2024

On April 9th, 2024, a Thursday afternoon, my mother took us to Chaya Center to watch a movie called "Kung Fu Panda Season 4".The movie was very interesting. At first, the panda, known as Po, was telling us how he got the spiritual staff from Master Oogway. Then Master Shifu told Po that someone had pretended to be Tai Lung, and it turned out to be the chameleon. Po bravely declared that he would find and defeat the chameleon.

As Po set out on his journey, he met a fox named Zhen. However, their encounter took a wrong turn when Zhen accidentally broke something expensive, leading to her being thrown into prison. Po discovered that Zhen had information about the chameleon. Together, they decided to confront the chameleon at his palace.

But their plan took a dangerous turn when Po fell into a trap set by the chameleon.Po trusted Zhen and gave his staff to Zhen, hoping she could free him. However, Zhen betrayed Po by giving the staff to the chameleon instead. With the spiritual staff in his possession, the chameleon unleashed chaos by opening the spirit world and draining the power of Kung Fu legends.

At the last part of theĀ  battle, Po and the chameleon had a face off, with Po fighting really well and giving us hopes that he would win. But the victory was short-lived as Tai Lung, seeking revenge, dragged Zhen into the spirit world.