Student Corner

The Day I will Leave

Written by: Chanchal Sah - 25032, Grade XI

Posted on: 30 November, 2023

The day I'll Die

Poor old me lying in the bed

So weak can't even lift my head

Not having much time to live

Waiting for the time this cruel world I'll leave

Will I have my lovers & friends with me?

If yes that's the happiest I could be

Wanting to see the outside and sky

Giving my people teary eye goodbye

Telling the truth to the things I have ever lied

Just some moments before I die

Counting & waiting for my last breath

All the hard work for money to die was it a good trade

Taking my dead body keeping in the trailer

Burning it just to give me the favor

Bald people with white clothes watching me burn

Worrying and talking about the next turn

I hope I'll live the life I talk about

Enjoying peacefully without any clout

It is just my thinking it may not be my case

But soon I'll reach the finishing line of life "the race"