Student Corner

Students’ Reluctance in Article Writing

Written by: Yawat Malla - 24049, Grade XII

Posted on: 27 November, 2023

Writing in itself is an essential skill that holds great significance in many aspects of our lives. Article writing is an important practice to hone the skills of writing with proper etiquette. As these skills serve a great purpose in our career as well as other points in the future, teachers always encourage students to write articles as often as possible. But the bitter truth is that students are reluctant and don’t express as much interest in writing new, creative articles.

In such a situation, an educator’s disappointment is common. While everyone has their own opinion on this problem, from a student’s point of view, things are a little different. I believe reluctance in article writing is not something that students desire, but it is because there are different psychological barriers due to which students are unable to write articles. By knowing these barriers, students may be able to overcome their shortcomings and teachers may be able to help students to be a better version of themselves. 

One of the main psychological barriers students face is the fear of criticism. Articles can be criticized and evaluated, which can lead to self-doubt. The anxiety of not meeting the expectations of the readers can paralyze creative ideas, resulting in an inability to complete writing an article. As a student, I can say that I have faced this problem myself many times. The fear that I didn’t choose a suitable title, or if I did, I may not be able to meet the expectations of the readers is a fear that I believe I shared with many students like me.

The pursuit of perfection can be another silent killer for the desire to express. Students, driven by the desire to produce flawless work, may set standards so high that the act of writing becomes daunting. Breaking free from the shackles of perfectionism is essential to unlocking one’s true potential to write something phenomenal. As a student, we must be aware that we learn from our mistakes and whatever mistakes we make while exploring a new skill, our teachers are always there to help us to their fullest extent. 

Without a clear sense of purpose, writing articles may lack the appeal needed to inspire students. When students choose to write something only because they were told to, they are likely to stop at some point. Students or anyone writing an article about something should have a keen interest in the subject so that they can demonstrate their skill and even evolve as they write. Without a clear desire to express, no article can touch the hearts of the readers. 

The students may also be victims of overwhelm and procrastination. The sheer volume of assignments, coupled with the pressure to perform is understandably an overwhelming feeling which can lead to avoidance. While it may be difficult to deal with procrastination, it is not impossible to overcome. I believe the key to avoiding procrastination is the will and desire to grow into a better person. To break the cycle of procrastination, we have to set manageable goals, dissect large tasks, and foster a sense of accomplishment.

It is essential for students to write with the desire to express and evolve as well as for educators to comprehend the psychology of students. Through understanding, we can create an atmosphere where students write not just for the sake of "writing," but also to convey their ideas, vision, and untold stories. If these words were able to change a few hearts into writing something out of their own will, then I would feel deeply honored.