The cornerstone of Deerwalk’s teaching methodology rests on the foundations of Extensive Theoretical Exposure, Thorough Practical Excellence and All-Round Personality. The teaching fellowship program is designed to help develop student’s all-around personality.

The students who have successfully undergone four years of B.Sc.CSIT course in DWIT is eligible to become a part of this program. The primary aim of the program is to help students that have limited access to good teachers and other teaching facilities in the core subject of computing. The fellow is expected to find the gaps that exist there and help fulfill them. It could be by helping the school design its website or provide tutoring on any subjects.

The program will run for minimum eight weeks with accommodation and food provided by the school free of cost and a stipend of Rs. Five Thousand per month by DWIT.


  • Help create email and domain registration ( .edu domain)
  • Help schools build their own websites
  • Help conduct flipped class sessions
  • Help form different clubs

This year, DWIT will be conducting the third year of the fellowship program. More than five hundred students from eight different districts have been benefited by this program.

You can view the DTFP report of 'Class of 2016' here: DEERWALK TEACHING FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM - CLASS OF 2016