Internship builds a sense of professionalism in students. DWIT believes in learning along with implementation providing students with in-house internship opportunities in different areas here at DWIT.


Digital Media Team is the internal team of DWIT. It is the team behind all the creative aspects of DWIT. The team is responsible for whole media coverage as well as all the official sites development of DWIT. It is a learning and working platform for all the students with initiative and proactive ideas. The team is formed by undergraduate students of DWIT as a part-time internship project.

Intern at DMT working in a website development project

IT is the Internal Networking team of DWIT looking after the internet services,hardware systems and websites deployment of whole DWIT. The computer labs , servers, website and applications are solely handled by the IT team. It is a team run by the students as a part time internship project.

Two Interns at IT fixing an old CPU

Cedar Gate is a revolutionary Population Health Management, Data Management, and Healthcare Analytics software company. Cedar Gate is a privately-held company based in Lexington, MA, with over 300 employees worldwide. Cedar Gate provides internship opportunities to the graduates and undergraduate students of DWIT.

students serving their food in dwit cafeteria

Deerhold is a digital technology company founded by Rudra Raj Pandey. It provides a full spectrum of custom software services, with a focus on web and mobile application development. Also sharing the same territory with DWIT, it provides internship opportunities to the students of DWIT.

boys playing basketball in the court