DWIT shares its campus with Deerwalk Group. This gives our students ample opportunities to learn and observe the professional IT environment. We offer many resources to our student community which includes libraries, laboratories, research center among others to support scholarly work in nearly any field or discipline.

We want our students to spend as much time as possible on the campus doing work that shall help them achieve their academic and personal goals. To ensure this we provide many in – campus facilities.

recording studio

We have a recording studio where student can go during their free time and record their songs, poems, videos etc. Our research center provides students ample space to discuss about their projects, group works etc.


Our auditorium has the capacity to hold 400 + students where we conduct different intra and inter college meetings along with seminar, talk programs and many more.

incubation - Founded here at DWIT

One of the main highlight DWIT is its incubation center that provides office space and office facilities to start ups established here at DWIT.

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