Throwback Games | DWIT Sports Club

Posted on: 2023-10-31 11:55:26

Throughout the month of Bhadra, the DWIT Sports Club embarked on a heartwarming journey with their 'Throwback Games: Reminiscing Our Childhood' series, successfully bringing the joy of yesteryears to life. Kicking off with 'Bomb Blast,' laughter and friendly competition filled the air, and even a few raindrops couldn't dampen the determination to relive childhood joys. 'Hide and Seek' rekindled friendships, evoking nostalgia and creating heartwarming moments of reconnection. The grand finale, 'Musical Chairs,' transported participants through a mesmerizing journey of melodies from the past, prompting them to dance and laugh like children once more. Children's Day was celebrated throughout, making Bhadra a month filled with delightful surprises, treats, and an atmosphere brimming with pure childhood joy. Ultimately, the 'Throwback Games' series wasn't just about games; it was a heartfelt reminder that the child within us seeks simple moments of fun and connection in our busy lives.