Apart from running regular classes and providing numerous training to our students, We run a series of professional courses enabling graduates to kick-start their career in the field of software development or simply to enhance the skills they already have.Our rigorous professional training programs are practically designed to produce students who are highly capable to deliver the results. Aspiring students from multiple colleges and working professionals in the software industry have taken advantage of our professional training programs.

Students who have taken professional training courses at DWIT have ample opportunities for paid internships, traineeships or employment at Deerwalk Services as well as other reputed software companies of Nepal. Our focus is on quality and competency of graduating students who can market themselves anywhere in the world.

We also provide customized Corporate IT training to upgrade and retool employees with new technologies to stay abreast and competitive in the market. Irrespective of clients’ businesses, we offer unique IT training solutions to corporate clients to keep their businesses ahead of the technology curve. Our cost-effective training solutions not only boost and refresh employees’ knowledge and skills but also ensure the ROI expected by the decision makers. We understand that the money clients are investing in training and education for their employees must directly translate into tangible and measurable results which are reflected by higher productivity, greater retention, and lower recruiting costs.

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