Our students come from different cities and towns of Nepal. Today, we have a vibrant student community representing Far East to the far west of the country with diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds. We aspire to give our students more than just a degree with competence in core subjects. We want our students to learn to become better people who can contribute substantially to their community. We hope to instill skills and qualities in our students that help them to attain overall success in their careers and other endeavors by learning to be respectful of others and working collaboratively as part of a team. A detailed profile of each of the students can be read in the official blog site of the college doko.dwit.edu.np.


ECA forms an integral part of learning at DWIT. Among its three pillars of learning through ‘Extensive Theoretical Exposure’ & ‘Thorough Practical Excellence’, the other one is ‘All-round Personality Development’. These are achieved through active participation of students in around dozen clubs that exists today.

The Deerexpress Club

No wonder, educational institutions emphasizes on building strong foundations in different forms of expression among their students. One of such strives made in DWIT was the formation of The Deer Express Club in 2012.

We conduct Deertalk , a regular activity of the college where students are encouraged to come forward and express themselves in different ways like public speaking, debating or sharing a talent that they have. We a team of 7 members are responsible for managing and organizing such program.

Deerwalk Literature Society

Deerwalk Literature Society comprises of the individuals who love literature. There are no any boundaries for a specific category that we work on. Poems, drama, puppetry, books, etc. our primary goal is to give exposure to students so that they explore the best in the field of literature.

We believe that speaking, writing and way of presenting things matter most in today’s time. Thus, we would call this club is a common package including all those sorts.

Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club

The Documentary and Movie club was initially formed to provide some form of entertainment to the students through movie screening. However with time we have grown.

We promote short movies created by creative and local artist by providing a platform and audience to them. Along with screening we create different in- school web series like Kampan , Spotlight , DWIT news etc.

DWIT News Club

The DWIT News Club is responsible for taking care of the DWIT News site. We update the site with a new issue every Friday at 8 p.m. and spend the rest of the week holding meetings, discussing new ideas that can be introduced into the site or the articles that the site contains and also writing new articles for the site.

We are a team of 17 dedicated members with 2 co-editors in chief, 4 editors and 11 reporters, each concentrated on a specific category.

DWIT Hiking Club

Hiking Club is one of the enthusiastic club, formed to organize college hiking event not only to explore places but to explore yourself. We want to build leadership quality among our members and provide them with a sense of responsibility.

We also focus on team building by conducting team building activities among our hikers during the hiking event .By working with the college administration we have been successfully conducting different hiking and adventurous events.

DWIT Sports Club

DWIT Sports Club take responsibilities for all the sports activities concerning DWIT. We organize various intra-college activities and also represent the college for different inter-college activities. We supply sporting kits to the students and also encourage the students to participate in our sport events.

We try our best to give wings to the student’s sporting desire. We encourage female participation in different sport activities too. Our regular activities involves futsal and cricsal events which are conducted every two weeks.

DWIT Music Club

Music club is a club aimed at making the environment of Deerwalk much more fun and entertaining with the help of music. We are a club full of creative ideas and a desire to stand out of the crowd with its unique activities. Apart from its regular activities like Raw Rhythms and Open Mic we provide music classes to keen learners.We envision nurturing every student’s passion in music and harnessing their full potential.

DWIT Social Service Club

Our main motto is to make students aware of their social responsibilities. We concentrate on all those small factors which we have been ignored due to various reasons but make a big impact in people’s life.

We aim to bring everyone together for the betterment of the society. We have been conducting different fund generating activities within the college and outside the college which we distribute to charity. Some of our fund generating activities involve Express Your Feeling With Rose and Secret Santa.

DWIT Software Club

The Software Club is responsible for organizing coding competitions among students. We also contribute in building enterprise level applications for DWIT. We have organized different sessions of DeerCoders and conducted Deerthon 2014 successfully. Our vision is to organize a healthy Inter and Intra College Hackathon and other coding competitions that will provide students a competitive environment to build up a minimum viable product using their technical and non-technical skills.

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