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Posted on: 10 April, 2020

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”— Destin Sparks Photography is a form of art which portrays the moments we live in. Photographers introduce us to unnoticed beauty that lies in random stuff. They make us see the things we don’t give attention to in our everyday lives. Photography seems to be fascinating and amazing until we really try it. You got to struggle a lot in this challenging photoholic world where every other person with a good camera quality calls himself/herself a photographer. It’s all about passion! Dipal was very keen and curious which made him look for different online resources for self-learning. Further, thanks to DWIT for the extra encouragement. He took photography workshops in college. He learned more when he was able to implement his skills practically in DWIT clubs where he learnt editing as well. However, it isn’t that easy to establish a career; one has to work very hard. Dipal said, “I realized how hectic it was to learn because it looks simple at first but is really vast in fact.” There was a point where he wanted to drop the idea of photography. Nevertheless, due to his enthusiasm towards photography, he once received an offer of event photography at Janata Clinic, a social organization (Gagan Thapa was one of the men behind the clinic). The first camp of Janata Clinic was covered by Dipal. It was his first ever photo-shoot as a professional. Furthermore, he built networks when he started working actively on the field. He’s been receiving invites from many events where he gets paid pretty well. Plus point, he is engaged in videos also. Although videography and photography are two separate fields, he has worked in a few documentaries as well. Dipal is handling the photography career along with his academic career. He says, “Photography is an art and you really need to have passion to learn the techniques.” He has come a long way and is still learning new things. The challenges he faces are tough today, however, he has worked very hard to turn his utmost hobby into a lifelong skill for himself. You can find more of Dipal’s photos here: Dipal Malla | 500px .

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