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9 DWIT Students / Alumni Presented Their Papers in IT4D 2019

Posted on: 03 January, 2020

The Information Technology for Development (IT4D) conference is a three day conference where people involved in the field of information technology share their ideas on how information technology can bring social, political and economic advancement in developing countries like Nepal. Primary audience of the conference are researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development workers.The conference is also beneficial for students seeking to build a career in information technology and development sector. First two days of the conference includes presentations by students and researchers from different sectors related to IT and the participants go on a hike on the third day. Among the presenters, students from DWIT along with their innovative ideas are as follows: Eye Driven Wheelchair for Tetraplegics Using CircularHough Transform By Saurav Bhandari / Raman Pandey - Class of 2019 - Co-Authored by Ritu R Lamsal Smart Waste Management Web Application using IoT By Mahan Adhikari, Suyog Shrestha - Class of 2019 IoT Driven Model Framework and Recommendation for Improving Air Quality Index of Kathmandu City By Sabin Pathak - Class of 2019 - Co-Authored by Ritu R Lamsal Towards an Open, Fair and Independently Verifiable Election System By Avina Nakarmi - Class of 2020 - Supervised by Dr. Sunil Chaudhary Approaches to Solving Issues in the Healthcare Industry using Emerging IoT Technology By Mandip Prasai - Class of 2019 DWIT Alumni who presented their research work / delivered a speech include: TechLekh Story By Abhisekh Gupta - Class of 2016 Radio to the Internet - A brief history of 'e-learning' in Nepal By Bidish Acharya - Class of 2016 “I was always curious to present paper at international conferences. This was my first and a wonderful experience presenting a research paper at the Sixth International Conference on Information Technology for Development (IT4D). I was representing this conference as a student from DWIT college, Tribhuvan University and as a researcher from Summus Engineering and Consultancy. It has been a great experience to meet many intelligent personnel, sharp colleagues, experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, and international delegates.”as said by Mandip Prasai, one of the presenters.

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