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67% of the Students at DWIT are Professionally Involved in Real World Projects

Posted on: 03 January, 2020

Creating a professional environment for the students, empowering them to do anything they vision , implement ideas , working with seniors is what the ideology of DWIT centers to. This is the reason for the working environment that is created here at DWIT. DWIT believes students should simultaneously focus on academics along with professionalism. Learning and implementing is the key aspect of advancement. All the students from freshman to senior year involved into different sorts of internships is what you will see once you visit DWIT. DWIT students never fail to grab the opportunity to work, be it the platform inside college, outside college or starting their own company. The recent data shows 67.56 % percent of the total students either have an internship or work in freelance projects. Out of which, 4.85 % are doing wonders with their own startups.This makes the total ratio of working students to non-working students roughly around 1:2 ratio. The ratio is highest that you will find in any IT colleges around Nepal. Involvement into internship is a well followed tradition now. Students learn from what they realize rather than what they are told to do. They follow the path set, so the factors driving our students towards internship is the self realized urge to be what they see. The association of company in-house , the working environment, traits from seniors, the motivation from teachers, projects after projects is what sets the students apart. Aabiskar Pandey, one of the oldest interns at the Research and Development Unit of DWIT says “When I joined the In-house internship offered by Deerwalk in the 1st Semester, I was anxious about maintaining a balance in academic workloads and my internship responsibilities. Now when I reflect back upon my experience, I feel I made the right choice. It is an amazing experience here getting to learn in a working ambiance alongside seniors who are my mentors as well as my colleagues.”

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