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DWIT Hiking Club Organized Two-Day Hike to Helambu

Posted on: 04 February, 2020

Up and down the road, Helambu hike was the second two days hike I had attended. Unlike Chitlang hike, there were less familiar voices for me. I had not expected much from the hike but wasn’t disappointed. I had a great weekend. We left Deerwalk Premises at around 7 in the morning. Singing, dancing and playing cards on the way to JarsinPauwa made it less difficult for the bumpy road travel. After having a quick breakfast at Jarsinpauwa, we went fishing to the nearby pond and later went swimming in the nearby river. The water at zero degrees Celsius was welcomed by grilled fishes and lots of joy. After about an hour or two, we left for Helambu. The journey was full of dirt and bumps. After an hour, we were welcomed by a beautiful Khaja set at Helambu. Helambu served us well: a resort in the lap of mountains and a river flowing next to it, cold breeze and a wide sky with stars shining on our top. The beauty is beyond words. The same day we went to Melamchi Dam Side. Though we couldn’t enter the dam, we had a chance to look closely at the project and the work around it. Later that night, we sat around our resort and had a barbeque session with songs, dance, and laughter. Next morning was a hike day to nearby Gumba. 3 hours of straight upwards hill wouldn’t have been easier if it wasn’t for the beautiful sunrise and fresh air. After the climb was over, we all came back to resort and had some time in the down by river. Next, we had some lunch and left for K-Town.

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