Topic Session Conducted

Posted on: 2021-05-31 18:16:17

On 28th May 2021, the Deer Express Club conducted yet another virtual Topic Session in collaboration with the Social Service Club, for the Batch of 2024.

The event was hosted by our enthusiastic and lively club member, Kristina Maharjan. There were a total of 6 participants who were given personalized topics. The participants spoke on the topic while also sharing their personal experiences or something they had observed, related to the topic.

The session was commenced by Ananta Kadel who spoke on the topic "The dark truth about Internet Gurus and Influencers". He talked about how there are both genuine and fake influencers on social media, and also shared his experience about an encounter with an ingenuine influencer. Secondly, we had Sakar Shrestha who spoke about "Hustle Culture and Toxic Productivity". He talked about how someone trying to be productive all the time is toxic, and how he personally doesn't like the hustle culture. Then we had Arashi Gautam who talked about "Positivity vs Toxic Positivity". She explained the difference between the two and also mentioned how her personal situation, which was looked at positively, was actually a toxic positivity. Then came Kapur Shrestha who spoke on the topic "Homophobia and Sexual Orientation Discrimination will never die out?". He talked about how homosexuals have to struggle because of their sexual orientation. Next, we had Tushar Luitel who talked about "Effects of online games and how it has become a social lifeline". He shared how online games have helped increase friendship and strengthen the bond among his batchmates. Lastly, we had Simran Tamrakar who spoke about  "What are the differences between just overeating on occasion, food addiction, and binge eating disorder?". She explained how binge eating can be dangerous for everyone, and suggested avoiding it as much as possible.


This topic session was judged by Sanjiwani Jha and Amol Timsina. Both of them shared their remarks with the participants. Although all the performances were appreciated, there could be only one winner and he was Sakar Shrestha. Similarly, Arashi Gautam was the runner-up.