Posted on: 2021-05-31 18:14:47

On 16th May 2021, the software club organized an IT Career Guidance Session with the sole purpose of giving a brief idea about the materials, skills needed for students to start their journey in various IT fields. It was an interactive session where participants questioned working in the real world and Nepal's current IT job market trends. The speakers for the session were Mr. Shrayash Shrestha, Designer & Animator at Abhiyantrik Technology, Mr. Prashant Satyal, React Developer at Deerhold, Mr. Atish Adhikari, Node and AI Developer at Deerhold and Mr. Bibek Dahal, QA Engineer at Deerhold.
Moving ahead Software Club yet again came up with another interesting workshop on Designing & UI/UX. It was a 3 days workshop starting from 19th May 2021 till 21st May 2021. The mentors for the session were Mr. Saras Karanjit, UI/UX Engineer at Deerhold, and Mr. Aabiskar Panday, president of Software Club. The areas that were covered in the workshop were Introduction to Design Principles, Using Illustrator, UI/UX Guidelines, and Using Figma.
On 25th May 2021, Software Club held a Web 101 Session which was carried out by Mr. Abhinav Gyawali who has a good foundation in cybersecurity and is also a member of the club. This session was conducted to provide the knowledge behind the URL on our browser’s address bar. After acquiring basic web knowledge, on 26th May 2021 a 3 Days Basic Frontend Development workshop was conducted by Mr. Kshitiz Shrestha, a member of the Software Club showcasing the roadmap that any web developer should know before jumping into any project. Basic knowledge of HTML tags and CSS was given and replicating a website engaged the participants in a different height.