Student Corner

The Dying Internet Culture

Written by: Dhiraj Chapagain - 2022007, Grade X

Posted on: 20 October, 2020

In the last 10 years, the importance of the internet has exponentially increased with growing communities full of ideas, perceptions, passion, and experiences. Even though we literally spend our whole day on the internet, we don’t really stop and think for a second about it.

To give a context to what actually an internet culture is, nowadays online communities have emerged more than ever. We now have a Facebook group for Kollywood supporters, a Reddit community for politics, a discord server for gamers, and whatnot. These communities have their own culture, interest, beliefs, and a common purpose or identity. And this is what we call an internet culture. 

We have come a long way from having a cringe-fest of trending page to now a more semi-decent one. Not only that but many creators are fulfilling their dreams, living a life that they dreamt of. We have created some sort of wonderful community of our own. Whether it be music, art, or any other field, we have created a culture of its own. With the increase of the use of the internet, memes evolved too. Memes have been a part of my internet world and somehow is a major thing that I consume from the internet. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or youtube itself, they play a major role in my content consumption, somewhat contributing to my character and personality. Following the emerging trend, meme pages started to evolve too. These pages evolved with their own consequences. They sort of created the culture that, use of sexual innuendos is funny, and people were actually liking those contents. What I conclude from this is that vulgarity equals the funny part. I don't have any rights to dictate what is right and what is wrong but the reason why memes are funny is because of their relatability and satire. Curse Words and Vulgarity are Dominating Humor and Vulgarity is not a comedy. We have constructed the reality behind abuses and vulgarity as a symbol of elite culture. 

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