Student Corner


Written by: Simona Sirish - 2025017, Grade VII

Posted on: 20 October, 2020

Griffin is a creature that has a body like a lion, with wings and the head of an eagle. It is known to be a  mythological creature. Griffin is also known as griffon or gryphon. Griffin used to be a favorite decorative motif in the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean land. And griffin is also a powerful fierce monster than an amalgamation of lion and eagle gains. They are known as guardians of treasures and priceless possessions. They also have powers that are the strength of a lion, the sight of an eagle, fighting skills, and the power of flight. Griffins can live to 150 years and lay eggs every four years during their prime ages. The weaknesses of Griffin are Aard, Hybrid Oil and Grapeshot, Quen (when it's in the air), Noonwraith Decoction (against knockbacks). Griffin is also known as an immortal race.  Even though we call them Griffin, in reality, they are dragons. It is said that Griffin dies from the gunshot wounds in the hospital. But a griffin is a mythological creature. Nobody knows if they really exist or not.

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