Student Corner

My favorite personality

Written by: Monika Karki - 2021011, Grade X

Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Life is all about inspirers and inspiring. Well, talking about my inspirer, motivator, I am happy to say that it’s my mom and dad but except them, I admire a superhero, aka Lilly Singh in my life. She is an Indian Youtuber living in Los Angeles currently. I admire her the most because her life story is changing the lives of many teenagers. She was a victim of depression for many years. She used to hate herself being an Asian with a dark her skin tone. She also lost her family member who used to support her and her symptoms of depression became worse.

She was lost mentally, she was losing herself and was also fighting against a deadly disease. A few years later, she slowly accepted the fact that she is black, she is an Asian and continued her journey to be a successful person. She was recovering every day making herself worth and accepting herself as she is. And that is how she managed to get out of depression and inspired lots of people who have suffered from depression. She also educated 25 girls from Kenya and she is working as a social inspirer and Youtuber. At last, I admire her the most because she proved that we can be a better person if we are willing to.

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