Student Corner

Field Trip to Jyapu Museum

Written by: Niharika Chapagain - 2024008, Grade VII

Posted on: 21 January, 2020

On 24th June 2019, I was really excited as there was a field trip to the Jyapu Museum, Chyasal. I went to school early and found many of my friends in the class really excited for the trip as well. We stayed in class and in circle time our class teacher Nirmal Sir came. He told us about the rules and regulations. We counted the numbers and from our class 23 students were going. We went there by bus and after some time we reached the museum with question papers in our hands. Then we were guided by Ms. Tulsi Awale. She explained many things from the kitchen items to cultural dresses of the Newari culture. She told us about the types of soil available and how they were used in many works like Kanchana, Gichaa, etc. There was a Gulupaa that Gautam Buddha used to carry and use. There was also a box where clothes were kept and its name was Tepaya Sanduk. There was a Charaka named Yum in which they used to make clothes. There were also people from different religions of Terai. There was also a big model of the Bagmati River and its bridge. It was a really informative trip.

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