Student Corner

Article about Teachers’ Day

Written by: Nicky Mahato - 2028019, Grade III

Posted on: 21 January, 2020

On teachers’ day when I went to school, I saw some of my friends writing on the board, some of them were decorating the class. I and all my friends brought gifts for the teachers. My friend Ujjwal kept chocolate inside the balloon and asked Hama Ma’am to pop it. I brought 2 cards, 8 pens and 8 chocolates for all my teachers. Then we went to Grade 3, Lotse to cut the cake. We ate the cake there. After eating the cake, we went to give our gifts to the teachers which we had made. After some time teachers gave us chocolates. When going home, our teacher also gave appreciation card to those whose classwork, homework, project work, and logbook was best. I got 4 cards because I was the best in class work of Sanskrit, English, Nepali and best in the project of Sanskrit.

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