Student Corner

My Hobby

Written by: Anshu Aryal - 2021004 , Grade X

Posted on: 20 January, 2020

Everyone has a hobby. In this world, there is no one who doesn't have a hobby. Likewise, I also have several hobbies. I love to sketch. Sketching makes me happy and creative. I love to travel to new places. Traveling to new places helps me gain knowledge about that place or historical stories. I love to listen to songs of a metallic band and a Korean band. My voice is not so good but also I love to sing. We should keep the passion for everything. I Love to play piano though I don’t know how to play. Hobbies make a person unique and creative. I really love swimming as well. Swimming is a sport that I love the most and it makes our body fit and healthy. Everyone should have a hobby. A hobby makes a person really creative and different.  

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