Student Corner

Article on Field Trip

Written by: Samip Aryal - 2024018, Grade VII

Posted on: 20 January, 2020

I woke up at 6, packed all the things I needed, then went to school. After some time we made a line and went to the bus. Then we went to the Jyapu Museum. There we saw many traditions, stones, weapons, and instruments. I learned a lot of things from there like Gichaa means ‘to make walls’, Saisnchaa ‘to make things’, etc. I observed other various stones like Masinchaa, Takacha, and Annockacha, etc. Then, I observed statues that showed agriculture, plowing of fields, performing puja, celebrating festivals, etc. I also observed instruments like Basu, Kamari, Bhahlaah lah, etc. Then, I observed tools like Hija, Istri, Bewaa, etc. After some time we clicked a group photo and went to school.        

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