Student Corner

Clash Of Clan

Written by: Dawa Tsering Sherpa - 2021008, Grade X

Posted on: 17 January, 2020

Clash of clans is a multiplayer online game created by the Supercell organization whose central office is at the US. This game is available for both android and ios devices. The game was launched on July 27th, 2014 for ios and later on it was launched for Android on 27th July 2015. The objective of this game is to build a higher level of defense, walls for troops, traps by building the higher town hall. There are a total of 12 town hall in the main village. The town hall is the heart of the game. The lowest town hall is level one and the highest is 12. There are troops, like barbarian, archer, Pekka, Gobin, e-dragon, baby dragon, dragon, golem, hog rider Valkyrie, etc. through which we beat the opponent bases and collect rewards and loot which eventually helps in upgrading the town hall. This is all about the main village. In this particular game, there is the next village as well: the builder base or the night base.  

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