Student Corner

My experience on Field trip

Written by: Joya Shrestha - 2024006, Grade VII

Posted on: 17 January, 2020

On 24th June, we, grade 6 and 7, went on a field trip. We went to Jyapu Museum. We went there by bus and grade 6 got there in a van. Nirmal Sir and Ankit Sir were with us. We, girls and boys, danced, sang songs and ate on the bus. We reached Jyapu Museum and Ms. Tulsi Awelaa was there to explain. She explained everything very nicely to us. There were so many ancient things of the Newar community. They were nicely organized. After an hour we left the museum, we took a group photo and came back to school. We studied our last three periods and went home.      

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