Student Corner

Report on Field Visit of Grade 7

Written by: Sunabi Pokharel - 2024024, Grade VII

Posted on: 15 January, 2020

We went to Jyapu Museum Fiesta on 24 June 2019 for a field visit. It is situated in Chyasal, Lalitpur. We traveled there by bus. We got to know about the custom, tradition, and culture of Newars. Mrs.Tulsi Awale guided us throughout our visit. There were a variety of clay objects like Kanchaa, Gichaa, Dechaa, etc, which showed how new civilization started. We saw agricultural tools like Sukandaa, Surah, etc and different ancient metal and clay utensils like Chikan Thala, Sija tyapa, Chinthala, etc. We saw many traditional costumes worn in the Newari community on different occasions like Waauntari Parsi, Tassya Lan, Bahraa Parsi Lan, etc. The ornaments worn on different occasions like Lun Swaan, Tuki, Sapa Swan, Nyapu Sikha, Makasin, could also be seen. There were also a lot of items related to Machhindranath Puja. The artistic model of humans was my favorite thing in the museum.  

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