Student Corner

Deerwalk Poetry Night, 2076

Written by: Shreeya Sitaula - 2021020, Grade X

Posted on: 11 January, 2020

It was a cloudy day. It was the day that my fellows and I had been waiting for a very long time. I woke up and went to school earlier than other days. As I and my friends walked around chatting with each other, I could see other students dressed up in formal attire like me and some of my friends. After all, it was Deerwalk Poetry Night.

After a long procedure, the finalists of the Deerwalk Poetry Night were selected and I was one of them. Altogether there were 31 participants, 15 from the English language and 16 from the Nepali language. As the competition began, I started getting really nervous which affected my performance. Saisha Pudasaini was declared as the winner of the English language and Manasbhi Niraula of Nepali language. Manasbhi Niraula was also the level champion of lower school in both Nepali and English language while Saisha Pudasaini was the level champion of high school in the English language category. Besides them, Sunabi and Anushree from middle school and Arunesh from high school were also the level champions.

Poetry has always fascinated me. However, I could not meet my expectations this time which made me feel like I was falling behind. I had no confidence in me or rather I had given up before I even performed. My stage fright ruined my whole performance as I stood there whole-heartedly dejected. I learned that confidence always does miracles in every performance, and lack of confidence is something that ruins it. 

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