Student Corner


Written by: Manavi Regmi - 2026011, Grade V

Posted on: 11 January, 2020

School is the best place for me as I can learn many things and school teaches me to be disciplined. My school’s name is Deerwalk Sifal School. It is located in Sifal, Kathmandu. Many children come to my school for a better education. In every school, there is a school head or a principal. Likewise, our head of the school is Bijaya Shrestha. He is very friendly and strict at the same time. There are also many teachers to guide us. They all are very caring and friendly. The most interesting thing about my school is that it conducts various programs and extra classes like a sports club, art club, dance club, music club, vocal, karate and so on. The extra classes provided by the school helps us to be creative and extra in various works. Thus, the school makes us literate and independent. We all must go to school.

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