Student Corner

Poetry Night

Written by: Aagaman Chapagain - 2021001, Grade X

Posted on: 09 January, 2020

The cold raindrops were hitting the ground when the clock struck 4. We were under a shade protecting ourselves from the rain. We tried to fit under an umbrella brought by the teacher but could not; so, we split into two groups and went to the event venue. When we reached the venue it was still dark as the event had not started yet; so, I sat at the back of the room. After the program started the emcee called me as one of the judges as I was the previous year’s winner, so I went ahead and joined the judges. After the English category had finished, I along with other judges went to calculate the points and finalizing the winners, after the winner was decided I went back to my previous spot at the back of the room and watched the rest of the program.

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