Student Corner

Article on Field visit

Written by: Prakarsha Tabdar - 2024012, Grade VII

Posted on: 09 January, 2020

We went to the field visit on Monday, 24th June 2019. Deerwalk School took us to a museum which is located at Lalitpur. The museum’s name was Jyapu Museum. Grade 6 and 7 went there. It was a lot of fun. We went there by bus. It was a wonderful experience. We played music in the bus so everyone was enjoying it. Then after 30 minutes or so we reached the Jyapu Museum. In the Jyapu Museum, there were so many historical things used by our ancestors. Also, there were many guides who told us about these historical things. The guides also described us about Jatras and historical things which were used by our ancestors to make food, to wash clothes.    

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