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An Effective Field Visit

Written by: Rusha Manandhar - 2021013, Grade X

Posted on: 09 December, 2019

Knowing that we, the students of Grade ten, were going for a field visit to Nepal Police Canine Training Center, I was very excited. We were also asked to bring a clipboard with a paper notebook to note down the things, and we were also asked to write an article about our experience in the field visit by our class teacher. The place for the visit is located at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. We headed to the place from our school at about 9:45 AM. Then, we reached there in about 15 minutes. As we reached there, Dr. Ram Chandra Satyal along with other faculties welcomed us and instructed us to have our seat. Dr. Ram Chandra Satyal started his speech with the definition of the word ‘canine’ which meant dog. He told us that among 300 breeds of dog, 8 breeds were available in the department. He informed us about the major fields in which the dogs were used in the cases of murder, the search of explosive drugs or any type of suspectable items which are illegal.  We also know that the police dogs did all these works through sniffing. It was done by inhaling the scent of the living or lifeless objects. The majority of dogs in the Dog Training Center of Nepal Police Canine Division were German Shepherds. The dogs were trained to identify the facts associated with crime and criminals, to search for arms and explosives, to search for drugs to prevent drug trafficking and to provide assistance for rescue at times.   Four dogs demonstrated their skills. The dog named Maxel showed how she was trained to identify the facts associated with crimes and criminals. Rookh was a police dog who was trained to search the arms and explosives. Similarly, the dog named DJ was trained to find out the criminal when abducted by criminal groups. And last but not the least, Messy was the dog who was trained to sniff around different passages and stations to identify the drugs and control its illegal trade. All in all, I enjoyed the trip and we know a lot of things about police dogs.  

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