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Article on Field Trip to Jyapu Museum

Written by: Smriti Lama - 2024021, Grade VII

Posted on: 04 December, 2019

On Monday, I went on a field trip from school. We went to Jyapu Museum. It is located in Lalitpur. Students of grade six and seven were taken to visit that museum.

I was excited for the trip from the morning.  I and my friends were so excited and happy. We carried our lunch, water, etc. to eat. And our Class Teacher Nirmal Sir also went with us. He told us to carry our bags with our diary and a pen. He told us to carry a diary and a pen to write about that place, to write what we understand after watching and listening, what the advisor says about the stuff. There were two advisors who told us about the museum, about the things, about the dresses, ornaments, shoes made by jute, etc. There were many things about which we can learn from those things. Our advisor described the weapons, how to use them when to use them. She explained the rituals how to follow the rituals, how they are performed, when it is performed, where it is performed and others. There was all about ancient rituals, traditions, and festivals. We all were listening very carefully. To hear about our ancient things was very exciting and interesting. There was an article written about Rato Machhindranath Jatra with structure. There was a model of a farmer, Newari ladies, Newari boy, and also there was structure of Mha: Puja. And the most beautiful structure was of Mha: Pujas. Our advisor also belongs to the Newari culture/community. She explained to us very nicely and kindly. I liked her way of explanation.

From the field trip, I learned that we should respect our ancient culture, traditions, rituals. I learned about the dresses and ornaments, where to wear, when to wear, how to wear, etc. I am so happy to know about Newari cultures, rituals, festivals, etc. That day was very beautiful. I want to say to my Newari friends that they are so lucky to belong to the Newari community.

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