Student Corner

Article of field Visit 2019

Written by: Monika Karki - 2021011, Grade X

Posted on: 03 December, 2019

On July 8th, 2019, we, the students of grade 10, went to Dog Training Center of Nepal Police Canine Division. The visit was organized in collaboration with the Community Police Partnership Department of Nepal Police. We were taken there in the first period at around 9:30 am. We all were ready with our notebooks and pens. We reached there and D.S.P. Ram Chandra Satyal introduced the different kinds of dog training. We learned about the role of dogs in solving the crime as well as in saving lives in any disaster. We learned about 4 types of rescue dogs. They were the dogs who could find out thief or murder, narcotics, arm dogs, and rescue dogs. We also saw a demonstration of dogs about how a dog can save our life. There were the dogs named Jojo, Missi, Manon, Dj, etc. There were 2 imported dogs who were brought from Siberia. One cost Rs 79,00,000 and another cost about Rs 4,00,000.

 After the information, we returned the school to attend the 3rd period. 

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