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About Field Visit

Written by: Sanskriti Thakuri - 2025015, Grade VI

Posted on: 03 December, 2019

Hello! My name is Sanskriti Thakuri. I am from Grade VI. The school organized a field visit for Grade VI and VII to Jyapu Museum. After arriving at school, we got on the bus in between 9-10. We reached the museum at 10:30. All of us got out of the bus and entered the museum. I and Rushina were the partners. When we entered inside, we got to know that it was a Newari themed museum. We saw wood carvings, Newari dress, traditional ornaments, musical instruments, models of Kumari, Rato Machindranath, and many more. 

The visit was very fruitful for us. We got to explore the Newari culture. I would like to thank DSS teachers who were there with us throughout the trip.

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