Student Corner

Field Visit

Written by: Pranjal Khatiwada - 2022013, Grade IX

Posted on: 02 December, 2019

This field visit was quite interesting for me to know about dogs as I am a dog lover. I do love every type of dog. My favorite one is German Shepherd and Dalmatian as I have one.

Talking about the field visit, we went to the Dog Training Center and then sat around the stairs to watch the performance of the dogs. We were hosted by Dr. Ramchandra Shakya who gave us the ideas. The dogs performed different activities like search the material using a person’s scent, then another demonstration of dog to find the explosives and suspect. It also performed about how to cross the obstacles coming in their way. Finally, after the dogs' performances we asked the queries that were in our mind to the DCP. 

At last, we clicked a group photo and then visited all those different stores where the dogs were kept and also made the rounds in the horse stables and then returned to school.

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