Student Corner

Change in Social Behaviour in 20 years

Written by: Arunesh Manandhar - 2022002, Grade IX

Posted on: 15 November, 2019

Society is dynamic. It always changes as time runs. 20 years ago, society was different than what it was today. We can see a lot of changes in then and now.

Having a conversation with my father about social behavior 20 years ago was interesting. 20 years back people used to live in family-like today. But still, their behavior; socially were not the same. People were closer to each other. They had time for their families. The whole village used to be a family. Marrying at a small age was very common. The society accepted it. The use of gadgets or any devices was very less. If someone had some device, many people would gather there. Taking an example, my father was the only one who had a radio in the village. The radio was considered to be a magical thing. So, many people from neighboring villages came to see the radio because they were not familiar with it. That's why they would see it in an astonished manner. 

Many changes in the social behavior of people took place in 20 years. Some behaviors were good 20 years back and some are good now.

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