Events and Activities

DSS Activities

Since we believe in participatory approach, we highly prioritize activities in DSS. Our students learn a great deal by participating in different activities.

  • Advisor
  • Article of the Week
  • Big Sibling
  • Book Talk
  • Circle Time
  • College Counseling
  • Current Affairs Week
  • Decoration
  • Deer Run
  • DSS Talk
  • Essay Writing
  • Field Visit
  • Gardening
  • General Knowledge Week
  • Hamro Palama
  • Handwriting
  • Open Mic
  • Parent Teacher Interaction (PTI)
  • Parents Talk
  • Read my Work Aloud
  • Reading For the Year
  • School Publication Orientation
  • Science Project
  • Science Talk
  • Social Life Skills

DSS Events

Ours is also an event-based school. We host various events throughout the years. These events are the hallmarks of our success.

  • Back to School Night
  • Deerwalk Art Exhibition
  • Deerwalk Debate Night
  • Deerwalk Drama
  • Deerwalk Poetry Night
  • Deerwalk Sifal Nights (DSN)
  • DSS Fest
  • Exhibition For Pre-Scholars
  • Home Visit
  • Sports Week
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