Prospective parents are advised to learn about us through Open House Sessions (OHS).

DSS Open House

Through DSS Open House sessions, we share various aspects of studying at DSS with prospective students and parents. These interactive sessions normally last for an hour, and we aim to help the prospective students and parents learn about the nature of education and services we offer. The sessions are free of cost and are hosted by the teachers and admins of DSS.

When to Apply?

We open the admissions generally around March/April of each calendar year.

How to Apply?

Once you attend our OHS, the application process for the admission of your child at DSS can be done in the following ways:

Submitting the Application Form

You can submit the Application form, provided at the time of Open House Session to DSS front desk between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. (Monday to Friday) with following documents:

While submitting the form, you have to select the most suitable Deerwalk Aptitude Test (DAT) date for your child from the available list of the available dates. After submitting the form, you will receive:

Deerwalk Aptitude Test (DAT)

DAT is a skill based objective test designed to check the level of understanding of your child in languages (Nepali/English), Mathematics and Science. The test will run for one and a half hours. To make sure your child goes comfortable with the DAT, on the test date, we recommend you:

You will know about the status of DAT result within two school days from our admission department.

Parent Teacher Interaction

After the publication of entrance result, our admission department will set your appointment with our professional teachers for the parent teacher interaction.

Admission Offer Letter

You will receive an admission offer letter in the name of your child for admittance in DSS. At the time of admission, you have to submit a copy of the latest mark sheet from the previous institution along with the receipt of the admission/annual fee deposited in the name of Deerwalk Sifal School.


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