Why DSS ?

Ours is the only school that focuses on essential skills, language skills, performing arts, and academic fundamentals. In DSS, you will find an interesting blend of technological expertise and classical disciplines.

Academic Fundamentals

  • Handwriting
  • Class Work
  • Homework
  • ProjectWork
  • Zero Tolerance to Plagiarism

Essential Skills

  • Listen Carefully
  • Respect Everyone (5 R’s of DSS)
  • Dress Smartly
  • Green Environment
  • Zero Tolerance to Bullying
  • Zero Tolerance to the use of Sexist Language
  • Zero Tolerance to Lying
  • Zero Tolerance to Bribery

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Vocal
  • Visual Arts
  • Yog & Meditation
  • Taekwondo ITF
  • Basketball
  • Athletics

Language Skills

  • Reading - Our students read one Nepali and one English fisction books every month.
  • Writing - Our students do lots of comprehensive writings. Such writings are published in the Students Corner section and the quarterly published magazine, 'The Deerwalker'.
  • Articulating - Our students present the ideas through both speaking and writing.
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