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The Time When I Questioned A Belief

Written by: Sarthak Pradhananga - 20122, Grade XII

Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Everyone in the world has questioned some belief or an idea. Even I have too. It was about six years ago. It was a visit that planted a belief and a conversation that overturned it. 

One day, I suddenly fell sick. When I woke up in the morning, I felt worse. I slowly sat on my bed and reached for a thermometer on the other side of the bed. I placed it under my tongue and took my reading. I discovered that I had a high fever. I waited for some days but the fever did not go away. This is how ill I was.

My parents, witnessing my prolonged fever decided to take me to the tantric. So I went with my parents to a house where the tantric resided. I saw people waiting to be ‘healed’ by sitting in lines and rows. The tantric who were seated at the far end began performing his rituals by moving his broom around the other person’s head and also made them inhale the smoke of burnt spices. Eventually, my turn arrived and I was performed the same ritual. The rituals and the whole environment gave me a vibe that made me believe I will really be healed by this tantric. Otherwise, why do so many people come here? This is how the belief of magic healing was implanted in my head.

Then it was a conversation with my doctor which overturned this belief of mine. After a certain period of going to the tantric, I had an appointment with my doctor. I waited with my father outside the doctor’s room until a bell rang and I was called to the room. I sat down in front of the doctor while he was inquiring about my health. I replied that I was feeling much better. I also told him about my tantric visit. He said that tantric healing is not scientifically proven, but medicine is. He told me that if I continue taking my medication it will work. He also said that I should not fall into such illusions. 

This is how my belief in magic healing was overturned. Consequently, I began to think rationally about such beliefs. From this incident, I learned that we should not blindly believe in such rituals and traditions. We should move ahead with rational and modern thinking. We should favor facts rather than just beliefs.

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