Student Corner

Fake it

Written by: Aabrity Dhungana - 20101, Grade XII

Posted on: 17 January, 2020

My smile is creepy
Because do you ever see it touching my eye?
My laugh is quick and loud 
Do you really think it comes from my heart?

My lips feel so heavy 
When I try to curl it up.
When I see what I wish I would never
My brain automatically blurs it up.

And with the blur comes the worst 
A shooting pain within
Believe me, it hurts
It’s worse than a curse.

Don’t blame me, at least I try
Try to make the smile, laugh, and excitement
As realistic as possible
But while faking it all 
Within I die.

Well, never mind me I am not important to anyone
They don’t see the real me 
I ask it a lot 
Do I myself know the real me?

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