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A girl child

Written by: Kriti Rajbhandari - 20116, Grade XII

Posted on: 16 January, 2020

That cold wind of winter
Every time touches my cold body
Freezes my chilled hands and legs
And makes me realize the reason 
Why am I facing such a hard season?

My hands get passed on the road
Don't know how many more nights are left to go
They say that I was thrown
And there's no one here whom I can call my own. 
I still can't accept this fact
How can someone be so harsh 
To give life and leave them to die after sometime? 

Is this only because I was a girl child? 
How can a girl's birth make someone so wild? 
How can even a mother's heart be so cruel? 
Didn't her heart cried throwing her baby on the road?
Why a girl child is not treated equal? 
Why her birth makes everyone celebrate a funeral? 
My thoughts are running as the train out of track
With no destination and hope cracked. 

Do I still have the right to live? 
Suffering from all the discriminations
Will I be able to survive in this crowd? 
Will someone be able to hear my shout? 
I want to live freely
Will I get equal opportunity? 
I need to live to fulfill my dream 
To make everyone hear a girl child's scream. 

That cold wind can freeze my hands and legs
But cannot freeze my heart and brain
I need to be alive to fulfill my dream
I will fight for the right of a girl child to live
And I believe that a day will come
When a girl will be everyone's a matter of pride! 

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