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That day when I questioned the superstitious belief

Written by: Bijaya Poudel - 20108, Grade XII

Posted on: 15 January, 2020

We, humans, are curious in nature. When we hear any extra things, we cannot wait for the moment to listen to the fact and ideas behind it. We people may have some mysterious beliefs or ideas that are heard from our relatives as well as parents too. Among us, I had a superstitious belief when I was about 10 years from my uncle. 

It was the incident of November 23, 2010 A.D. The day when I was born to live a life full of comedy, tragedy, and hope too. Yeah, I think you can guess what that day was about. That was my day, full of elegant and joyful birthday. As I was a kid, fond of playing football and cricket, I couldn't resist myself to be away from that thing that day. I had a great time with my close friend, playing cricket and football. I even scored 3 goals simultaneously i.e a hattrick in football which was one of the marvelous moments of my life. Continuously, half of the whole day was enjoyed with my friends with soccer and cricket, even about to forget that “Today is my birthday”. After remembering my birthday, then, I had my polite invitation to all my close friends who were playing football and cricket. Besides, they had accepted the invitations and made a plan to get a blast on my birthday night. 
Now the main show begins i.e. my birthday night. Me, with a bag in my hands sitting embarrassingly in a chair with the sense of nothing. My friends had just arrived at 8:00 PM. They seemed to be well prepared and managed indeed. Not only this, but I had also seen the picture of mine in their hands and which was my birthday gift. After viewing that picture, I could not control my brain full of emotions. Then, tika time started. Firstly, my parents put the tika on my forehead, full of blessings and most importantly without forgetting to give birthday cash for me. Now comes my uncle. He was a traditional and old-fashioned guy full of old designed gifts for me. After my parents and uncle blessed me, then, there were friends of mine, sitting behind the doors to put tika on my forehead and bless me with advice. Among my 5 friends, 4 of them had only put the tika on me but the left one had refused to do so, pretending to be an atheist. An atheist should not do any kind of work-related to god. Suddenly, I thought that it was not the reason that he hadn’t touched the tika because I have known my friend Aashish B.K, since my childhood. I began to think deeply about what was the reason for that thing. Similarly, after some time, I got to know that my uncle was the reason behind it. As I had said earlier, he was a traditional guy full of traditional beliefs. My guess of the reason was right that he was said not to go near the tika and put that tika on my forehead by my uncle. Even that day was mine, he had ruined all my happiness and joy just in a second. I became too emotional for my friend and began to ask a question of why he did so? He replied in a simple voice, "Because of traditional belief." I laughed, in the meantime, but hurt from inside and said, “I think this is only your tradition. Making my friends apart from me? Is this a tradition? Is this our Nepalese treat when the people of low caste, you think, greet and respect people?.” Wow, what a belief you had. I clapped my hands for a minute. I had my fake nonsense voice on my throat. (Me on my angry mood)Good job uncle, today you made my birthday so special that I couldn’t forget it in my lifetime. Thank you. Then I departed from there.

 I apologized to my friend from my so-called uncle’s side. After an hour, he came for us. I was still nervous and did not want to talk to him either. He was crying, indeed. He apologized to my friend for being so superstitious and old minded towards him that at the moment. He asked me to forgive himself by saying many apologizing words. I was not satisfied though. So, after long hours, my friend was happy, requested me to forgive my uncle because he had already noticed his mistakes and nonsense behavior and vowed.

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