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Pink Floyd: Masters of Psychedelic Music

Written by: Girwan Paudyal - 21107, Grade XI

Posted on: 11 January, 2020

Pink Floyd were masters of psychedelic music, known for their philosophical vocals and for creating music by mixing several instruments together. They originated in London in 1965. The band was founded by 4 original members: Syd Barrett on lead guitar and vocals, Nick Mason on drums, Roger Waters on bass guitar and vocals and Richard Wright on keyboard and vocals. However, true mastery started after David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1967.

Pink Floyd has had a lot of turbulence with its band members; so much so that the total 5 members were together for only a period of 5 months. Together, Pink Floyd has released some truly amazing music: Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Marooned, Wish You Were Here, High Hopes, etc. Pink Floyd are recognized for mixing two instruments together and creating unique ambient music. The 2nd solo of the song “Comfortably Numb” is regarded by many critics as, “The greatest guitar solo in music history”. Altogether, Pink Floyd has recorded many hit albums: Wish You Were Here(1975), Dark Side Of The Moon(1973) and The Wall(1979).

Pink Floyd broke up after Roger Waters and David Gilmour had a dispute over the band’s name. Even though it has been many years since Pink Floyd stopped creating music, their psychedelic persona resonates in each piece of their songs and sends shivers up the spine of listeners. They performed their last concert in Pompeii, in 2016. As an avid Pink Floyd fan, I regret not being able to witness any of their live shows. Moreover, I would like other people to discover the true beauty of their music. (Start with the song “Comfortably Numb”)

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