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Written by: Saujanya Sharma - 20124, Grade XII

Posted on: 09 January, 2020

There are always a few things that a lot of people agree on and are still not necessarily true. At least that’s how I feel about superstitions. Everyone around me told me about how one can become unlucky just because of a rather irrelevant happening. Like a black cat crossing the road would give me bad luck. And sneezing before leaving your house will result in difficulty reaching your destination. It just didn’t feel right. 

Not only have I heard people talk about these things I have experienced them first hand. So one day my family decided to go on a walk on a Saturday morning. It was a pleasant day, the sun was shining brightly and everyone seemed happy and so while we were walking. We saw a cat cross the road. My parents told me to stop and wait for someone else to go by. We waited for a man behind us to go ahead and at the same time I asked my mom “Is that Uncle going to have a bad day now?” 

To which she replied, “He didn’t see the cat cross the road”. I quickly told her “That doesn’t make sense!” 

My mom told me I was too young to understand all that stuff. I was still not convinced. I wanted to know if it was real. I was really curious so I did the things that my mom told me not to do. I walked without hesitation when a cat crossed the road. Also, my mom had told me I should not serve someone with food odd number of times so I tried that as well. I really wanted to know what would actually happen. 

Honestly, nothing happened I didn’t see any difference. Also, I realized something much more important. Whenever something bad happened people would blame it on the rainy day or the cat which crossed the road. Even if someone has a good day they still forcefully find a flaw and blame it on these superstitions. 

In conclusion, I just think it the mentality that matters. We force ourselves to believe that bad things happened to us because we did something bad in our past life or we just blame it on unrelated things. I didn’t believe in these things and I still don’t. Just because everyone believes it doesn’t mean it is true. 


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